IPA Regional Development Operational Programme in the Republic of North Macedonia

The overall objective of the operational programme "Regional Development" is to support the sustainable development of the Republic of North Macedonia, through the improvement of transport and environment infrastructure. The programme will implement three operational priorities and one technical assistance priority.

1. Priorities and Measures

Priority 1: Corridor X Motorway Completion. This priority will contribute to a better cohesion with EU Member States and regional neighbours through completion of trans-european road Corridor X.
Measure 1.1 Upgrading the remaining link along the Corridor X motorway to the level of motorway aims to co-finance the construction of the remaining highway link on Corridor X linking the southern part of the country to the border with Greece, in an extension of approximately 28 Kms.

Priority 2: Upgrading and Modernization of the Transport Infrastructure. This priority will contribute to a better cohesion with EU Member States and regional neighbours through investments in the transport infrastructure network, with priority given in the current period to prepare future investments in rail infrastructure in corridors X and VIII and road infrastructure in corridor VIII.
Measure 2.1 Improving the rail infrastructure along the South East Europe Core Regional Network aims to upgrade rail infrastructure along Corridors X and VIII through financing small rehabilitation works to increase speed and safety and project preparation studies for future infrastructure investments.
Measure 2.2 Improving the road infrastructure along the South East Europe Core Regional network aims to contribute to the upgrading and completion of the remaining sections of Corridor VIII linking the Bulgarian border in the East and the Albanian border in the west (missing links totaling 152 Kms), through project preparation studies.

Priority 3: Improvement of Environmental Infrastructure. This priority will improve environmental protection through investments in environmental infrastructure and create conditions for environment friendly sustainable development.
Measure 3.1 Establishment wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure meeting the EC requirements will support preparatory studies for future investments.
Measure 3.2 Establishing of an integrated and financially self-sustainable waste management system will support physical investments in solid waste management projects that are at a most advanced level of preparation and preparatory studies for future investments in the field of solid waste management.

Priority axis 4: Technical Assistance. This priority aims to ensure a sound and efficient management and implementation of the programme, by improving the administrative capacity of the institutions concerned and supporting implementation, monitoring, evaluation, control and communication activities, as well as to prepare sectoral studies, future operational programmes, and investment projects.

2. Financial Table

Priority IPA Contribution National co-financing Total funding Co-financing rate
(a) (b) (c) = (a) + (b) (d) = (a)/(c)
Priority 1 - "Corridor X Motorway Completion" 52 500 000 9 264 710 61 764 710 85 %
Priority 2 - "Upgrading and Modernization of the Transport Infrastructure" 56 840 600 10 030 697 66 871 297 85 %
Priority 3 - "Improvement of Environmental Infrastructure" 76 566 562 13 511 751 90 078 313 85 %
Priority 4 - "Technical Assistance" 6 250 453 1 103 026 7 353 479 85 %
Total (2007-2013) 192 157 615 33 910 184 226 067 799 85 %

3. Major Projects

  • Upgrading the road section of the Pan-European Corridor X, Construction of motorway section Demir Kapija - Smokvica.
  • Improvements in waste water collection and waste water treatment in Prilep.
  • Construction works for renewal with reconstruction of the railway section Bitola - Kremenica, as part of Pan-European Corridor X-d