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Over the past few years the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy has developed a variety of fun and educational products for young people (approximately 8 to 13 years old) and for teachers. A comic book, a webdoc, a board game based around improving your region, an EU travel book...


web-documentary - PartnersThe ‘Partners’ web-doc is an investigation game combining a full complement of multimedia tools which takes you to 6 regions of the European Union. The investigation illustrates regional policy activities which promote the development of, and the ties between, the regions and the citizens of the European Union. This digital version based on the comic 'Partners' offers a fun and informative experience.

Six stories provide clues to help solve a European mystery!


UNI, the Region game UNI! is a simple and effective role-playing game that can be played at school. The aim is to give a higher profile to European Union actions promoting the cohesion of all European Union regions.

UNI! is played by groups of at least 2 players, from age 10 upwards. Each group must help progress a region drawn at random by overcoming a number of challenges in the form of miming, drawing and guessing games. Each successfully completed challenge earns players ‘stars’.
The group that collects the most stars is the winner.

The challenges faced by the groups of children fall into six following themes: environment, energy, invention, education and social, tourism and culture, and transport.

Full instructions, available on the game’s website, in the form of downloadable pdf files and teachers’ notes, enable teachers wishing to do so to extend the experience over one or more lessons.

Teaser video, thanks the involvement of a primary school near Namur

The game is currently available only in French and will be available in German and English as of Summer 2016.

The game is available free of charge ( for teachers and educators only, and can be ordered through an on-line order form on the UNI! website.


Puzzle for Europe This human-size puzzle is a unique piece of art, made of wood. It is mostly played in groups in several steps. First of all, the players will have to build on the map of Europe using the strange shaped parts. The next step will require some geopolitical knowledge. You will have to recognize the country’s flag, name and capital in their original language. Then the players will have to highlight the Euro-zone. Finally, we will have a look at the seas surrounding Europe and label them.

Each Representations and Offices of the European Commission ( has at his disposal one sample of this puzzle. It is often used for presentations with groups of young students.


comic - Partners The Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy has now translated its comic book called ’Partners’ in all languages. This comic book aims at presenting Regional and Urban Policy through six stories designed for a young public.The themes covered in this album are Research & Innovation, Urban Development, Environment, Support to SMEs, Social Inclusion, ICT, Cooperation between regions, Transport, Solidarity between regions in case of natural disasters, etc.

These slices of life and stories of men and women were inspired by real EU-funded projects that illustrate the European Union’s contribution to reducing differences in standards of living and supporting the regions in their development

The comic is available in EN, BG, CS, DA, DE, ET, EL, ES, FI, FR, HR, HU, IT, LT, LV, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, SL, SV and can be ordered online from the EU Bookshop.

The full digital version of the comic is available.

The ‘Partners’ comic includes information sheets which can be downloaded individually:

  • map of EU regions by development status,
  • brief overview of themes covered in the comic,
  • life cycle of an EU-funded project,
  • brief overview of the five European Structural and Investment Funds,
  • diagram summarising the role of and relationship between European institutions


EU Travel BookThe Travel Book is your European travel companion and a fun puzzle. It will allow you to both learn more about European countries and collect information during your visits throughout the 28 Member States of Europe. It is a multilingual tool and includes a map of Europe. You can learn more about the role of the regions within the European Union.

Use it as your own personal diary with its fun and informative sticker collection to remember your life and travel experiences.

Discover one of the aspects of diversity in the European Union: all 24 EU-languages are included in the same booklet and all names are mentioned in the original language!

Join the Travel Book community at:

You can order your own copy by sending a request to:


card game in varieta concordia A fun and simple game that can be enjoyed by all ages. What makes it unique is that in one box you have 3 different games: usual card game, family game and a puzzle illustrated by the motto 'in varieta concordia'.

You can order your own copy by sending a request to: