UDN Sharing Experiences for the future in Spain, Portugal and Italy

Santiago de Compostela, 28-29 November 2019
Auditorio de Galicia

The Urban Development Network successfully organised a one and a half day workshop on “Sharing Experiences for the future in Spain, Portugal and Italy”. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the city of Santiago de Compostela. It brought together representatives of the local, regional, national authorities from Spain, Portugal and Italy, as well as other relevant stakeholders.
The event was an opportunity for participants to share ERDF implementation experiences, learn from common bottlenecks and be inspired by good practices. The event raised awareness on the key developments regarding sustainable urban development in the new period of 2021-2027 Cohesion Policy. Finally yet importantly, the event also opened to the reflection on the strategic context provided by the global, European and national/regional urban agendas. There were plenary and breakout sessions, presenting challenges and recommendations for each topic as main conclusions.
If you have any questions please contact us through REGIO-UDN@ec.europa.eu.

Final Report

Sharing experiences for the future of SUD in Spain, Portugal and Italy


The landscape of art.7 implementation in Spain, Italy & Portugal at a glance

Integrated Sustainable Urban Development in 2021-2027

  • Presentation by Laura Hagemann, European Commission – DG REGIO

WHERE: How to define the areas of investment

Case Study 1: Integrated SUD Strategy UB/BZ 2020: Urban Cultural System of Úbeda/Baeza, Spain (ES)

Case Study 2: Integrated SUD Strategy of the City of Bologna (IT)

  • Presentation by Stefania Paolazzi, Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana

HOW: The Integrated approach

Case Study 1: Integrated Approach in the City of Venice (IT)

Case Study 2: Mission Team Lisboa/Europa 2020 (PT)

WHO: The Governance & the Participative Process

  • Presentation by Sérgio Barroso, Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão

Case Study 1: AND Urbano, City of Murcia (ES)

  • Presentation by Mercedes Hernández, Ayuntamiento de Murcia

Case Study 2: Fator C, City of Cascais (PT)

Technical Visit: Regeneration of the Vista Alegre Neighbourhood, Santiago de Compostela

  • Presentation by Javier Fernández Munía, Concello de Santiago

Plenary: Introduction to three inspiring experiences in key aspects for the future of SUD

City of Madrid: The Challenge of the Agendas (ES)

  • Presentation by Juan Carlos de Castro Pita, Ayuntamiento de Madrid

City of Florence: Multilevel Governance System in the Smart Florence Strategy Contributing to Urban Sustainable Development (IT)

City of Guimarães: The consistency of Guimarães towards a long-lasting urban development strategy (PT)

  • Presentation by Ricardo Rodrigues Câmara Municipal de Guimarães

Breakout Session: Strategic Framework

Case Study 1: SUD Strategy A Coruña and the 2030 Urban Agenda (ES)

  • Presentation by José Manuel Peña, Ayuntamiento de A Coruña

Case Study 2: Strategic Framework and the Experience of the Sardinia Region (IT)

  • Presentation by Marco Naseddu, Centro Regionale di Programmazione, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna

Breakout Session: Regeneration of Deprived Neighbourhoods

Case Study 1: City of Cagliari (IT)

Case Study 2: Vila D’Este, City of Vila Nova de Gaia (PT)

Breakout Session: Shrinking Cities

  • Presentation by Sérgio Barroso, Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão

Case Study 1: Teruel: Epicentre of Depopulation, Inspiring the Future (ES)

Case Study 2:  City of Fundão (PT)

  • Presentation by Paulo Fernandes, Câmara Municipal do Fundão

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