UDN seminar Urban Mobility

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On 23 November DGMOVE and REGIO jointly organised an Urban Mobility event in Brussels. Bringing together nearly 200 stakeholders from cities, regions, funding programmes and mobility/transport  to exchange knowledge and experiences in Smart, Innovative & Sustainable urban mobility. This was the first time that REGIO and MOVE brought together the different stakeholders and networks working on urban mobility: from REGIO the cities investing ERDF on urban Mobility (Urban Development Network) and the Managing Authorities (budget holders) and from MOVE their networks like the EIP Smart cities, CIVITAS and various urban mobility stakeholder groups.
Normunds Popens (DG REGIO) and Mr. Hololei (DG MOVE) jointly opened the event.

Main findings of the event:

  • To keep up with the rapid pace of technological advance, cities and regions need more support for sharing experiences and outcomes in investments in sustainable mobility.
  • Sometimes national governments do not support certain solutions promoted by the EU (like SUMPs) what makes it more difficult for cities and regions to implement them.
  • Sometimes, the way how urban mobility is organised in cities and regions (who decides, pays, operates) makes investment difficult. The boundaries of the ESIF Management Authority are often different from the city's functional boundaries and user mobility patterns (often rural-city). Also, this makes it harder for suppliers to offer new 'mobility as a service'-type solutions that need a minimum scale (ie service offer of for example public transport and car sharing).
  • The event was an opportunity to broadcast the:
    • REGIO's funding actions in URBACT, UIA, mainstream programmes and the Urban Agenda,  more specific the Partnership on Urban Mobility.
    • MOVE funding actions in Horizon2020 (CIVITAS), ELENA (Technical Assistance), MOVE's policy actions (C-ITS, decarbonisation of transport, logistics and walking/cycling) and MOVE's networking actions (CIVITAS, EIP Smart cities Action Clusters).


UDN seminar Urban Mobility

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