Anti-corruption and anti-fraud in relation to the use of European Structural And Investment Funds

Organised by the European Commission in co-operation with Transparency International.

In 2013, the European Commission in co-operation with Transparency International has launched a series of information events dedicated to anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures in European Structural and Investment Funds.

  • An international conference on "Anti-corruption and Anti-fraud Measures in Relation to the Use of European Structural and Investment Funds" took place on 3 December 2013 and was attended by more than 400 participants from 28 EU Member States. Conference materials are available on this website.
  • Country seminars. As there was a strong interest manifested in further sharing of hands-on practice, a number of smaller-scale awareness raising events took place in 2014 and are continuing in 2015 in EU Member States. For more information on the country seminars, please visit dedicated sections of this website.