Canary Islands ERDF 2014-20 OP


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Programme description

Main objectives

1. To increase the competitiveness of the productive sector through innovation and information society, and the internationalization of the economy;

2. to improve the deployment and quality of transport infrastructures to interconnect the islands and the whole archipelago to other regions;

3. to optimize the offer of basic natural resources for the socio-economic system in the frame of an environmental sustainability;

4. to create jobs, increase the education level and reduce the poverty rate;

5. to reduce and mitigate the additional costs arising from being an outermost region.

Funding priorities

Funds are concentrated on a limited set of priorities and investments focused on key drivers for competitiveness:

  • Strengthening the regional R&D+I system and the information society and improving the competitiveness and innovation of SMEs: 24.15% of total programme budget
  • Low-carbon economy, climate change and environment: 6.27%
  • Sustainable transport: 8.31%
  • Social inclusion and education and training: 11.54%

These figures are much bigger when deducting the specific outermost allocation for Canarias, which rise up to 48.53% of total programme budget. Allocations are devoted to preserve and protect the environment and promote the resource efficiency, to support freight transport services and start-up of new transport services, and to support the functioning of public services and provision to the citizens.

Expected impacts

  • Almost double public R&D+I investment up to 0.72% of regional GDP; Six times more private R&D+I investment and duplicate the number of innovative enterprises cooperating with universities and research centres.
  • 100% of population covered by high-speed broadband;
  • 33% of Canarias enterprises selling by e-commerce and 90% with internet access and web sites.
  • 50% of school population covered by e-learning services and 67% of Canarias citizens using e-administration services.
  • Increase of the entrepreneurship and quality of touristic entrepreneurial services.
  • Reduction on the energy consumption of municipalities and households and increase of production and distribution of renewal energy.
  • Improvement on the management and prevention of natural risk.
  • Fully compliance with the Water Framework Directive
  • Reduction of the delay of surgical intervention up to 90 days and improvement of the quality and efficiency of health services.
  • Modernisation of public households facilities inhabited by people under risk of exclusion
  • Increase the number of professional training student through investment into new education infrastructures
  • Mitigate the shortcomings for the regional socio-economic development linked to the outermost region condition.

Programme text

Programa Operativo de Canarias


  • Spain


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 1,037,290,709.00 €

Thematic priorities

Financial information

Total OP budget: 1,220,342,015.00 €

Total EU contribution: 1,037,290,709.00 €

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CCI number: 2014ES16RFOP007