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Programme description

Main objectives:

The Programme aims to enhance innovation activity and the competitiveness of enterprises, in particular SMEs, in order to increase their added value, stimulate growth and job creation and improve the performance of the research and innovation (R&I) system. It will mobilise private investments in R&I and promote cooperation between research organisations, higher education and the business sector. The Programme covers all regions in Slovakia and is the main tool for implementing the country's R&I Strategy for Smart Specialisation.   

Funding priorities

The Programme will focus on the following main priorities:

  • Supporting research, technological development and innovation
  • Enhancing the competitiveness and growth of SMEs 

Expected impacts

  • Increased share of enterprises applying R&D&I by 10%
  • Increased share of SMEs in export by 4,4%
  • Increased share of SMEs in value added of business sector by 5%
  • Number of enterprises receiving support - 12 790
  • Number of supported new enterprises - 5 090, out of which 1 362 start-ups or spin-offs
  • Growth of employment in supported enterprises - 4 140
  • Number of new researchers in expected enterprises - 1 030

11 December 2019

OP R&I merged with the OP Integrated Infrastructure by Commission decision C(2019)9078 on 11 December 2019. The merger aimed at increasing the efficiency of the ESIF implementation under a new management structure, contributing to better management of the research and innovation axes which were lagging behind, and thus ensuring thematic concentration requirements and support to research, innovation and technological development in line with Commission priorities. It also serves as valuable step towards a more streamlined overall post-2020 ESIF architecture in Slovakia.


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