Interreg V-A - France-United Kingdom (Manche/Channel)


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Programme description

Main objectives

The cooperation programme "(Interreg V-A) France- United Kingdom (Manche – Channel)" addresses the most important cross-border challenges linked to the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy in the regions along the Channel.

Strategically, the programme will be primarily focused on protecting the quality of the shared coastal maritime ecosystems and on delivering innovative business initiatives, services and technologies addressing the economic, environmental and societal challenges facing the France (Channel) England area.

Funding priorities

The programme will focus on the following three priorities:

  • Support innovation in order to address the economic and societal issues facing the Channel area;
  • Support the transition to a low carbon economy in the Channel area;
  • Enhance the attractiveness of territories within the Channel area.

 Some of the expected results

  • The programme will increase by 2% the delivery and uptake of innovative products, processes, systems and services in shared smart specialisation sectors and will improve the quality and the effectiveness of service delivery to the most socially and economically disadvantaged groups through social innovation;

  • The programme will increase the development and uptake of existing or new low-carbon technologies in the sectors that have the highest potential for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions;

  • The programme will realise the potential of the common natural and cultural assets to deliver innovative and sustainable growth and will enhance and protect the coastal and transitional water ecosystems.


  • France
    • Picardie
    • Haute-Normandie
    • Basse-Normandie
    • EST
    • Lorraine
    • Alsace
    • Franche-Comté
    • Bretagne
  • United Kingdom
    • East Anglia
    • Essex
    • LONDON
    • Inner London
    • Outer London
    • Surrey, East & West Sussex
    • Hampshire & Isle Of Wight
    • Kent
    • Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & North Somerset
    • Dorset & Somerset
    • Cornwall & Isles Of Scilly
    • Devon


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 223,046,948.00 €

Thematic priorities

Financial information

Total OP budget: 315,264,678.00 €

Total EU contribution: 223,046,948.00 €

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CCI number: 2014TC16RFCB040