Regional programme Auvergne 2014-2020


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Programme description

Main objectives

The ERDF-ESF Programme of Auvergne aims to boost economic growth, create jobs and boost productivity, particularly in SMEs and contribute to achieving the Europe 2020 targets for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth by improving innovation and competitiveness of enterprises; developing digital infrastructure and the use of Information and Communication Technologies; ensuring energy transition by decreasing dependence on fossil fuels; supporting integrated urban development; increasing youth employment and enhancing access to lifelong learning. 

Funding priorities

The Programme will focus on following main priorities:

  • Increase research and innovation
  • Strengthen access to ICTs
  • Improve SMEs' competitiveness
  • Enhance energy and resource efficiency
  • Preserve biodiversity
  • Sustainable integration into the labour market of young people
  • Self-employment, entrepreneurship and business creation
  • Enhancing equal access to lifelong learning for all age groups
  • Encourage sustainable integrated urban development 

Some of the expected results

  • Increase the number of innovative projects in SME's from 50 in 2014 to 175
  • Increase the part of exports in the total of in the turnover of the SME's by 3%
  • Increase of the part of the equities in the total asset of SME's by 5%
  • Increase by 40% of the number of enterprises using "fiber to the home pro"
  • Increase by 23% of schools 100% digital
  • Increase of renewable energies from 0,4MW to 7 MW
  • increase of energy efficiency in private and public social housing reducing by 13% the number of buildings with high level of energy consumption
  • decrease of energy consumption in public buildings deserved to education by 12%
  • increase by 10% of the waterbodies in good state
  • increasing the share of job seekers carrying on an activity of entrepreneur (+ 3,7%)
  • stopping the continuous decline of the percentage of trainees who remain in their job 6 months after having finished their training programme
  • Increasing the number of NEETs finding a job after their training (+ 100 to 200%)

Programme text

Programme Opérationnel FEDER-FSE Auvergne 2014-2020


  • France
    • Auvergne


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 215,442,139.00 €
  • European Social Fund (ESF): 28,398,378.00 €

Thematic priorities

Financial information

Total OP budget: 423,519,489.00 €

Total EU contribution: 255,979,483.00 €

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CCI number: 2014FR16M0OP002