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ESF investments in the Czech Republic to support employment, fight poverty and improve public administration

The Czech Operational Programme "Employment" for the implementation of the ESF and the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) in the period 2014-2020 defines the priorities to invest more than 2.1 billion euros for promoting employment, social inclusion and an efficient public administration. Overall, it is expected that this programme will support about 585 000 people.

The funding will help the country to address current challenges and to progress towards the Europe 2020 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The programme includes the following priorities:

  • Employment: Almost 60 % of the total allocation will be dedicated to help people into jobs, with a particular focus on disadvantaged groups like low-skilled, older or young people (the latter using ESF and Youth Employment Initiative to implement the Youth Guarantee). This axis also aims at improving workers' skills to meet the demands of the jobs market, at increasing the quality of the public employment services and at reducing inequality between men and women in the labour market. Thanks to participation in the projects funded through this programme, about 230 000 people should gain a new qualification.
  • Fighting poverty: More than a quarter of the funding will support measures to improve the situation of people excluded or at risk of social exclusion, for example by increasing their chances to find a job and by improving the quality of social and health services. Other goals are developing the social economy and involving local actors in social inclusion in rural areas.
  • Social innovation and transnational cooperation: Both will be developed with a view to facilitate access to employment, mobility and the efficiency of the public administration.
  • Effective public administration: This priority seeks to strengthen the effectiveness and transparency of the public administration, to reduce administrative burden, to improve the skills of staff and to streamline the management of human resources. Almost 350 institutions will benefit from the programme to improve their performance.

Programme text

OP Zaměstnanost 2014 - 2020


  • Czechia


  • European Social Fund (ESF): 2,358,958,524.00 €

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Financial information

Total OP budget: 2,896,549,612.00 €

Total EU contribution: 2,386,158,492.00 €

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CCI number: 2014CZ05M9OP001