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Programme description

The ERDF Programme for Wallonia aims to boost GDP growth per capita and to contribute to achieving the Europe 2020 targets for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. 

Funding priorities

The Programme will focus on the following priorities:

  • Strengthening research, technological development and innovation. Improving research and innovation infrastructure and creating synergies between businesses, R&D centres and Higher Education sector
  • Enhancing creation and competitiveness of SMEs'
  • Investing in education, training, vocational training and lifelong learning by upgrading infrastructure and equipment
  • Fostering low carbon economy through the use of renewable energies, energy efficiency in buildings and sustainable multimodal urban mobility
  • Preserving and protecting the environment by encouraging the efficient use of resources. Promoting green growth and eco-innovation by improving the urban environment and making the cities more attractive and sustainable 

Expected impacts

  • Creation and support of SMEs (+10 395 SMEs)
  • Development of synergy between businesses, R&D centres and the higher education sector.
  • Regeneration of public urban space (100 000 square meters), rehabilitation and decontamination of brownfields (210 Hectares)
  • Promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy use in public infrastructures (+0.30 MW) and reduction of primary energy consumption by 18%
  • Intensification of production and distribution of renewable electricity by 13%
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by 15%

Program Text

Programme opérationnel FEDER – programmation 2014 – 2020  


  • Belgium
    • Brabant Wallon
    • Hainaut
    • Liège
    • Luxembourg (B)
    • Namur


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 681,639,700.00 €

Thematic priorities

Financial information

Total OP budget: 1,700,524,237.00 €

Total EU contribution: 681,639,700.00 €

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CCI number: 2014BE16RFOP003