Operational Programme 'South-East of England'

Community assistance from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Regional competitiveness and employment objective

United Kingdom

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The European Commission approved on 3 December 2007 the operational programme "South-East of England ERDF Regional Competitiveness and Employment Programme". The investment of the ERDF to the programme amounts to EUR €23.7 million for the programming period 2007-2013 with national public match funding of €23.7 million (co-financing rate of 50%).

1. The purpose and aim of the EU investment

The aim of this Operational Programme is to promote competitiveness in South-East England whilst contributing to reducing the region's ecological footprint. To achieve this aim, the programme has established the objectives of raising levels of knowledge and innovation across all business sectors in order to support more resource efficient business practices, boosting profitability and long-term competitiveness, stimulating innovation and job creation in new and emerging ecologically-driven market sectors and reducing the rate of growth of the Region's ecological footprint, whilst stimulating economic growth.

The focus of the Programme is on ensuring sustainable production and consumption, through promoting innovation and knowledge transfer and stimulating enterprise and supporting successful businesses. It is intended that this will not only deliver positive sustainable development outcomes, so improving the attractiveness of the region, and secure a more competitive economy but will also lead to the creation of more and, more particularly, better jobs in the regional economy as a whole.

2. The expected impact of the investment

The programme will support more than 1200 business to improve their performance in particular in relation to improved energy and resource efficiency. It will contribute towards a €32 million increase in the regions Gross Value Added (GVA). It also aims to reduce road congestion and pollution levels by 10% and will engage in developing and disseminating good practise expertise in these fields.

3. Priorities

These objectives will be pursued through the following priorities:

Priorité 1: promouvoir une production et une consommation durables

  • Promoting Resource Efficient Business Practices;
  • Stimulating Innovation for a Sustainable Economy; and
  • Encouraging Sustainable Consumption Practices

Priority 2: Technical assistance

There is also provision for technical assistance in order to implement the programme. Financial support is available covering administration, monitoring and control.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'South-East of England'

Intervention Type

Operational Programme

CCI no


Number of decision


Final approval date


Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Promoting Sustainable Production and Consumption 22 758 120 22 758 120 45 516 240
Technical assistance 948 255 948 255 1 896 510
Total 23 706 375 23 706 375 47 412 750