Operational Programme 'Strengthening Regional Development Potentials'

Programme co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Convergence objective in Slovenia


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On 27 August 2007 The European Commission approved the Operational Programme "Strengthening Regional Development Potentials" for the period 2007-2013 in the Republic of Slovenia. This programme sets out Community support for Slovenia within the framework of the "Convergence" objective. The total budget of the operational programme is EUR 2.01 billion and the Community assistance through the ERDF amounts to EUR 1.71 billion (approximately 40% of the total EU money invested in Slovenia under Cohesion policy 2007-2013).

1. The aim of the EU investment

Both the Slovene National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) and the Operational Programmes (OPs) for the period 2007-2013 are in line with the relevant recommendations regarding Cohesion Policy and the Community spending targets for the Lisbon Strategy.

The main goal of the Operational Programme "Strengthening Regional Development Potentials" (OP SRDP) is to attain the core objectives defined in the NSRF, namely fostering the country's competitiveness while ensuring a balanced regional development in the entire country. Although it is one of the new Member States, Slovenia took a progressive position regarding the Lisbon targets. The OP SRDP aims to enhance competitiveness, foster entrepreneurship, innovation and technology development, and facilitate job creation, including in the tourism sector while taking into account environmental and social concerns. More than 36% of the financial resources for the operational programme are allocated to activities directly linked to research, innovation and technology development. In total almost 65% of the ERDF financial resources available for this OP (i.e. more than EUR 1.10 billion out of EUR 1.71 billion) are earmarked for goals directly related to the Lisbon agenda.

2. The expected impact of the investment

The OP SRDP will enhance the competitiveness of the country by directly creating 11 500 new jobs, 2 100 ha of new business zones, 23 technological centres and centres of excellence, 150 extra innovations and patents per year, 700 new research man-years including 500 in the business sector, 800 projects for small and medium enterprises, an increase of the population served by broadband access from 94% to 100%, increased tourist accommodation capacities of 5 000 beds and an increase in tourist overnight stays from 7.6 to 8.4 million.

3. Priority axes

The operational programme is divided into 5 priority axes: 3 focusing on competitiveness, research excellence, economic-development infrastructure and integration of natural and cultural potentials; one on the development of regions and the last on technical assistance.

In aggregate, approximately 62% of the OP SRDP assets are allocated to competitiveness and integration measures while roughly 36% of funds go to development of regions with 2% for technical assistance.

Priority axis 1: Competitiveness and Research Excellence

This development priority specifically aims to guarantee a research and innovation breakthrough in the Slovene economy by focussing on Research and Development (R&D), innovation related investments and on activities encouraging entrepreneurship. The activities envisaged include the development of additional centres of excellence, interdisciplinary R&D projects and investments in the modernisation of R&D equipment. Roughly 24% of the available funds will be allocated to this priority.

Priority axis 2: Economic Development Infrastructure

The specific aim of this priority axis is the concentration of knowledge and the development of infrastructure for increased competitiveness of the economy mainly through the development of 'economic development logistical centres'. These include business-industrial-logistics zones, technological parks/centres, regional entrepreneurial incubators, university pre-incubators, higher education & research centres and inter-company educational centres in areas with a sufficient critical mass in terms of economic activity, capacity of existing knowledge institutions and the potential for economic development. Roughly 23% of the available funds will be allocated to this priority.

Priority axis 3: Integration of Natural and Cultural Potentials

This priority axis aims at the preservation and integration of natural and cultural potential for development and the improvement of tourism competitiveness, recreation and the quality of life. Some 15% of the available funds will be allocated to this priority.

Priority axis 4: Development of Regions

This axis pursues the strategic goal of the balanced development of regions and addresses in particular less developed and marginalized Slovenian regions. Through developing economic, social, education, transport and environment infrastructure (including public infrastructures in areas with special environmental protection regimes, primarily owned or managed by local/municipal authorities) and development of urban areas, it contributes to a more balanced regional, economic and sustainable development in the country. The development priority has a bottom-up approach based on "Regional Development Programmes" prepared by each of the development regions and is subdivided into 2 sections - Regional development programmes, and Development of border areas with Croatia. Roughly 36% of the available funds will be allocated to this priority.

Priority axis 5: Technical assistance

There is also provision for technical assistance in order to implement the programme. Financial support is available covering administration, monitoring, evaluation and control. About 2% of the available funds will be allocated to this priority.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'Strengthening Regional Development Potentials'

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Operational Programme

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Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Competitiveness and research excellence 402 133 645 70 964 762 473 098 407
Economic-development infrastructure 396 934 393 70 047 246 466 981 639
Integration of natural & cultural potentials 263 235 116 46 453 259 309 688 375
Development of regions 619 442 634 109 313 408 728 756 042
Technical Assistance 28 003 734 4 941 836 32 945 570
Total 1 709 749 522 301 720 511 2 011 470 033