Operational Programme 'Environment'

Under Convergence objective, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund


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On 8 November 2007, the European Commission approved a national Operational Programme for Slovakia under the Convergence objective for the period 2007-13, entitled “Environment 2007-13”. The total budget of the Programme is around €2.1 billion. Community funding through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund amounts to around €1.82 billion, which is approximately 15.5% of the total EU money invested in Slovakia under Cohesion Policy 2007-13.

1. Purpose and aim of the programme

The overall objective of the Operational Programme is to improve the rational use of resources, increase the quality of the environmental infrastructure in Slovakia in line with EU and Slovak legislation, and strengthen the environmental aspects relating to sustainable development.

The above objective results directly from the need to fulfil the commitments of Slovakia to the EU, stemming from transitional periods set up in the Accession Treaty. The aim is to prioritise complex and financially demanding activities from the point of view of implementing the environmental European acquis in the area of water, waste, air and nature protection.

Fulfilling this overall objective increases the attractiveness of Slovakia, improves the quality of life, strengthens the open society character from a social and territorial point of view, and creates conditions for sustainable development.

2. Expected impact of the investment

The Operational Programme will increase the population connected to public sewers to 4.4 million, the percentage of population connected to wastewater treatment plants to 81%, and the share of population supplied with drinking water from public the water supply network to 91%. The area of the territory with flood protection measures will represent 5970 km2 and the number of NATURA 2000 declared territories will reach 420. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions would represent 61 902 thousand tons CO2 and the rate of waste recovery will be increased to 60%.

The specific objectives of the Operational Programme Environment 2007-2013 are:

  • integrated protection and rational utilisation of water;
  • flood protection;
  • air protection;
  • minimising adverse effects of climate change;
  • waste management;
  • protection and regeneration of the natural environment and landscape
  • development of a flood warning and forecasting system

3. Priorities

The Operational Programme is structured into the following priorities:

Priority 1: Integrated protection and rational utilisation of water [approximately 50.9% of total funding]

The specific objective is to reduce water pollution and increase the quality of life for Slovak citizens via improved quality of the Slovak water management infrastructure pursuant to EU regulations. All activities are being implemented within a context of integrated river basin management and are aimed to secure a sound ecological and chemical water status as well as a suitable balance water status in basins.

Priority 2: Flood protection [approximately 6.7% of total funding]

This priority aims at flood protection by preventive flood protection measures and development of flood warning and forecasting systems.

Priority 3: Air protection and minimisation of adverse effectsof climate change [approximately 10% of total funding]

The specific objective is to minimize polluting substances emissions and to minimize the adverse effects of climate change, including the support of renewable energy sources in line with EU legislation.

Priority 4: Waste management [approximately 26.9% of total funding]

This priority is aimed to complete the waste management infrastructure pursuant to EU and Slovak legislation as well as to reduce the adverse effects caused by environmental burdens and landfills on ecosystems and people’s health.

Priority 5: Protection and regeneration of natural environment and landscape [approximately 2.8% of total funding]

The objective is the completion of NATURA 2000 protected sites and nature protection infrastructure.

Priority 6: Technical assistance [approximately 2.7% of total funding]

Technical assistance will ensure smooth implementation of the Programme, as well as providing means to support the elaboration of conceptual and strategic documents. Financial support inter alia covers administration, monitoring, evaluation and control.

Priority 7 : Development of a flood warning and forecasting system [less than 1% of the total funding]

The objective is to develop a flood warning and forecasting system.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'Environment'

Intervention Type

Operational Programme

CCI no


Number of decision

C/2007/5500 + C/2010/2270

Final approval date


Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Protection and Rational Utilisation of Water Fund (CF) 915 643 065 161 584 070 1 077 227 135
Flood Protection (CF) 120 000 000 21 176 471 141 176 471
Air Protection and Minimisation of Adverse Effects of Climate Change (ERDF) 180 000 000 31 764 706 211 764 706
Waste Management (CF) 485 000 000 85 588 235 570 588 235
Protection and Regeneration of Natural Environment and Landscape (ERDF) 50 756 935 8 957 106 59 714 041
Technical assistance (CF) 48 600 000 8 576 471 57 176 471
Development of flood warning and forecasting system (ERDF) 20 000 000 3 529 412 23 529 412
Total 1 820 000 000 321 176 471 2 141 176 471