Operational Programme 'Zachodniopomorskie'

Convergence objective, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


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The European Commission approved on 11 October 2007 a regional development programme in the Zachodniopomorskie region in Poland for the period 2007-2013, entitled the Regional Operational Programme for the Zachodniopomorskie voivodship. This programme involves Community support for Zachodniopomorskie within the framework of "Convergence" objective. The total budget of the programme is € 982.8 million and Community assistance through the ERDF amounts to € 835.4 million (approximately 1.25 % of the total EU money invested in Poland under Cohesion policy 2007-2013).

1. The purpose and aim of the EU investment

The Zachodniopomorskie ROP will become the region’s most important instrument for making structural changes happen. It will also be an important tool for the delivery of the revised Lisbon Strategy. The Lisbon objectives allocation in the Programme is 40% of its total budget.

The Strategic Goal of the Programme is the development of the voivodship to promote greater economic competitiveness, spatial and social cohesion, and improvements in quality of life.

2. The expected impact of the investment

According to the macroeconomic modelling projection, the Regional Operational Programme for Zachodniopomorskie is expected to deliver additional GDP growth of 1.77% and over 4 500 new jobs. Over 1300 jobs will be created in SMEs.

3. Priorities

The specific objectives of the programme are the following:

1. Increase of innovation and management effectiveness.

2. Improving attractiveness to investors and the territorial cohesion of the voivodship.

3. Improving living conditions through the preservation and protection of the natural environment and better social conditions in the voivodship.

The programme is structured according to the following priorities:

Priority 1: Economy – Innovation – Technology

This priority includes support for activities directed at the development of companies of the SME sector and support for the internationalization process of companies. Measures will be undertaken aiming at the creation of investment zones to make the region more attractive to investors. There will also be implementation of operations aimed at increasing the quality and availability of support instruments offered by institutions of the business environment. Further measures will concern ensuring easier access to guarantees and capital for micro, small and medium- sized businesses as well as for innovative companies with a high technological potential. The programme anticipates the creation of regional technology transfer centres and the expansion of computer network systems. Support will be given to projects improving the quality of R&D infrastructure. The main objective is to achieve a higher level of economic competitiveness and innovation in the region.

Priority 2: Development of transport and energy infrastructure

Support will be given to projects connected with the construction, rebuilding, and renovation of regional, county and communal roads, in accordance with the ‘Programme of investment projects on the Zachodniopomorskie voivodship roads 2007-2013’, In parallel, the improvement of infrastructure associated with road safety will be ensured. The programme also anticipates the modernization of regional railway lines, airport infrastructure and support for investment in port infrastructure. Support will also be given to investment in the expansion of local power networks and to improved energy supply to inhabitants where necessary.

Priority 3: Development of the information society

Comprehensive expansion and restructuring of the infrastructure of basic telecommunication networks, development of local access networks as well as alternative channels ensuring public broadband access to electronic services and to the internet. The new infrastructure should complete that already in existence, particularly in areas with low saturation. These investments will ensure broader access to Internet, contribute to increased competitiveness on the regional IT market, and counteract marginalisation of areas currently without the appropriate infrastructure.

Priority 4: Infrastructure of environmental protection

Investments in water, sewage and waste management. Projects to improve air quality, including investing in systems, infrastructures, facilities and technologies to reduce gas and dust pollution. Support will also be given to investments to mitigate environmental risks, including flood and fire protection measures. On investment in renewable sources of energy, projects will focus on installing and modernising infrastructure for producing and transmitting energy from renewable sources, in particular solar panels, photovoltaic panels, wind power plants, heat pumps, small hydropower plants, geothermal plants, as well as facilities for incinerating biomass. An increase in active nature protection will be achieved through measures connected with the protection of habitats and the preservation of biodiversity.

Priority 5: Tourism, culture and revitalisation

Support for projects connected with the construction and expansion of tourism infrastructure as well as of infrastructure related to the development of active forms of tourism, additional tourist services and accommodation facilities. Development of a tourist and culture information network so that it forms an integrated regional tourist information system for the entire voivodship. Development of a coherent system for tourism and culture promotion of the region in Poland and abroad. Increasing participation of inhabitants in culture will be achieved through upgrading and building of cultural establishments in the region.

Revitalisation will be treated as a comprehensive programme of upgrading infrastructure and improving the safety of public spaces. Support for complex projects to regenerate and protect monuments; revitalisation of historical industrial and post-military facilities together with their surroundings, in combination with economic and social development of the areas concerned.

Priority 6: Development of metropolitan functions

Support for the Szczecin Metropolitan area will aim to improve its spatial cohesion. Projects will aim at modernising and building public transport infrastructure, increasing its capacity and improving safety. Support will also be given to revitalisation projects, supported only under local integrated programmes, covering comprehensive revitalisation of dilapidated areas (including post-industrial and post-military sites). It also involves creating high quality public spaces in cities. Support for projects focusing on infrastructure related to developing cultural, sport, tourist and recreation functions of metropolitan nature. Projects to complete public service infrastructure of metropolitan importance.

Priority 7: Development of social infrastructure and health care

Support for projects improving conditions for education, in particular vocational and technical education. Supported regional projects will cover building, extending and providing equipment for educational infrastructure. Support for projects improving the state of social and leisure infrastructure, increasing accessibility of such infrastructure to children and youth. Under the specific aim of improving quality and accessibility to health care institutions, projects supported will cover building and modernising of health care infrastructure, purchasing medical equipment and adjusting facilities to needs of patients, in particular disabled people.

Priority 8: Technical assistance

Processes related to the preparation, management, monitoring, appraisal, control and evaluation of the realization of the ROP that are to increase the administrative capacity of fund implementation, as well as of information and promotion of the Programme.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'Zachodniopomorskie'

Intervention Type

Operational Programme

CCI no


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Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Economy – Innovation – Technology 232 753 899 41 074 217 273 828 116
Development of transport and energy infrastructure 215 789 475 43 977 715 259 767 190
Development of the information 42 000 000 7 411 764 49 411 764
Infrastructure of environmental protection 61 280 000 10 814 117 72 094 117
Tourism, culture and revitalisation 74 935 655 13 223 939 88 159 594
Development of metropolitan functions 116 780 745 20 608 366 137 389 111
Development of social infrastructure and health care 58 480 000 10 320 000 68 800 000
Technical assistance 33 417 525 0 33 417 525
Total 835 437 299 147 430 118 982 867 417