Operational Programme 'Łódzkie'

Programme under the Convergence objective, co-funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


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On 2 October 2007, the European Commission approved the regional development programme in the Lódzkie region in Poland for the period 2007-2013, entitled "the Operational Programme for the Lódzkie Voivodeship". This programme involves Community support for Lódzkie within the framework of the "Convergence" objective. The total budget of the programme is around € 1.3 billion and the Community investment through the ERDF amounts to EUR 1.01 billion (approximately 1.5 % of the total EU money invested in Poland under Cohesion policy 2007-2013).

1. The purpose and aim of the EU investment

The Lódzkie Regional Operational Programme (ROP) is the region’s first ever large-scale, coordinated, multi-annual and financially stable programme of development measures. Consequently, the Lódzkie ROP will become the region’s most important instrument for making structural changes happen. It will also be an important tool for the delivery of the revised Lisbon Strategy. The Lisbon objectives allocation in the Programme is more than 37% of its total budget.

The Strategic Goal of the Programme is "the integration of the region with the European and global social and economic space as a central European development centre, favourable to living and economy, while aiming at the creation of its internal cohesion and maintenance of the variety of its areas".

2. The expected impact of the investment

According to a macroeconomic modelling projection the programme is expected to deliver additional GDP of 2.1%. It is expected that around 20 000 new jobs will be created, of which 10 000 will be for women and 2700 in rural areas. Around 2800 projects concerning direct investment aid to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) will be financed under the programme. 440 km of roads will be reconstructed or modernised. Around 6700 persons will be connected to the water supply network and 7500 to the sewerage network. 130 000 persons will receive access to broadband internet.

3. Priorities

The specific objectives of the programme are the following:

  • Improvement of the transport accessibility of the Lodz region;
  • Improvement of the state of natural environment and energetic safety;
  • Development of the innovative and competitive economic sector in the region;
  • Development of the information society;
  • Creation of suitable conditions for the development of human resources;
  • Economic and social revitalisation in degraded urban areas;
  • Increase in the capabilities of the absorption of EU resources under ROP LR.

The programme is structured according to the following priorities:

Priority 1: Transport infrastructure

The aim of this priority axis is to improve the transport accessibility of the Lodz region. This will be provided by improvement of the state of and connection of the transport network of the Lodz region to the network of national roads, the Trans-European network of transport TEN-T and the airports; improvement of road traffic safety in the Lodz region, increase in the competitiveness and improvement in the quality of public transport in towns and cities, increase of the use of railway transport in passenger and goods services, increase of the significance of air transport (regional airport).

Priority 2: Environmental protection, prevention of threats, and energy

The aim of this priority is to improve the state of natural environment and energetic safety. This will be provided by rationalisation of economy in regard to communal and industrial waste drainage and treatment, rationalisation of water supply, rationalisation of the management of communal waste and economic sector waste, natural environment protection and creating ecological attitudes, improvement of the air quality, prevention of environmental dangers and reduction of their effects, development and improvement of the state of the energetic infrastructure of the region, diversification of energy sources, with particular attention paid to the use of renewable energy sources (RES).

Priority 3: Economy, innovativeness, entrepreneurship

The objective of this priority is to develop the innovative and competitive economic sector in the region. This will be achieved by supporting modernisation and development investments in enterprises, improving access to capital, supporting the R&D activity and the activity of business support institutions aimed at the development of cooperation between the scientific sector and the business sector, and lastly by improving attractiveness of the region in regard to recreation and tourism.

Priority 4: Information society

The aim of this priority is "development of the information society". This will be achieved by increasing the use of advanced IT technologies by inhabitants, equalisation of disproportions in regard to the access to and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) within the territory of the Lodz region.

Priority 5: Social infrastructure

The aim of this priority is to create suitable conditions for development of human resources. This will be provided by improving health safety level of inhabitants, increasing social assistance services’ importance in the economic development of the region, and improving knowledge and better adaptation of competences to the requirements of the labour market including forming and development of the regional cultural identity.

Priority 6: Revitalisation of urban areas

The aim of this priority is "Economic and social revitalisation in degraded urban areas". This will be achieved by revitalisation of the architectural structure of post-industrial and post-military areas and facilities, an increase in the attractiveness of urban areas for local and external investors, and revitalisation of degraded residential districts, including revitalisation of the housing structure.

Priority 7: Technical assistance

This priority will support projects in the area of support for the Lódzkie ROP management and implementation process, publicity and information and support for the process of project development and implementation.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'Łódzkie'

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Operational Programme

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Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Transport infrastructure 241 531 418 42 623 191 284 154 609
Environmental protection, prevention of threats, and energy 171 084 755 30 191 427 201 276 182
Economy, innovativeness, entrepreneurship 271 722 846 146 312 302 418 035 148
Information society 70 446 664 12 431 764 82 878 428
Social infrastructure 120 765 709 21 311 596 142 077 305
Revitalisation of urban areas 100 638 091 17 759 663 118 397 754
Technical assistance 30 191 427 5 327 899 35 519 326
Total 1 006 380 910 275 957 842 1 282 338 752