Operational Programme 'Promotion of Cohesion'

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) co-funding under the Convergence objective


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The European Commission approved this major development programme in Lithuania for 2007-2013 on 30 July 2007. The programme involves Community support for the whole of Lithuania within the framework of the Convergence objective.

Total budget: around €3.18 billion. Community assistance through ERDF and CF: € 2.64 billion or 83% of the total budget (approximately 38 % of total EU resources for Lithuania under Cohesion policy 2007-2013).

1. Purpose of EU investment

To improve standards of living throughout the country, from both economic and social points of view. This should provide a basis for stable sustainable economic development in the long term. Key objectives:

  • Create preconditions for strengthening and unfolding the potential of local development;
  • Ensure accessible, high quality public services provided by healthcare, education and state employment promotion policy institutions, non-institutional social services and services to the disabled;
  • Improve the environment, with focus on improving energy efficiency.

2. Expected impact

  • support 100 integrated urban development projects in economic growth centres;
  • help 200 development projects in problematic territories;
  • improve rural business conditions and employment through 100 development projects;
  • provide assistance to more than 300 healthcare, vocational training and social services;
  • improve quality and accessibility of healthcare services for more than a million patients;
  • renovate/construct water supply and waste water systems in 220 communities;
  • reach 100 % of deposition of waste in landfills meeting EU requirements;
  • upgrade 200 public buildings in terms of energy saving.

3. Priorities

Local and urban development, conservation of cultural heritage and nature, and adaptation for tourism development

  • reducing disparities in the standard of living among major cities and other cities
  • creating environment for faster diversification of economic activities in rural areas
  • promoting tourism through adequate use of natural resources, cultural heritage and creation of better conditions for active leisure
  • conservation of natural resources (especially water resources, landscape and biodiversity) facilitating their efficient adaptation for needs of population and economy.

Quality and accessibility of public services: health, education and social infrastructure

  • providing high quality and accessible health care services
  • ensuring higher quality and accessibility of education services, improving participation of all age groups in the lifelong learning system
  • ensuring better conformity between supply and demand of vocational education and training, improving qualifications of the labour force, and encouraging the economically inactive citizens to partake in the labour market
  • encouraging better integration of people at social risk and socially excluded persons, as well as their family members, into the society and the labour market.

Environment and sustainable development

  • renovating and developing water supply and waste water treatment systems
  • creating modern waste management systems
  • improving air quality
  • increasing the efficiency of energy generation and consumption as well as the use of renewable energy resources.

Technical Assistance

  • ensuring the effective functioning of the management and control system of the programme
  • improving awareness of potential beneficiaries, beneficiaries and partners on the assistance provided by the programme as well as the results of its implementation (through communication activities)
  • carrying out evaluation activities on the programme.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'Promotion of Cohesion'

Intervention Type

Operational Programme

CCI no


Number of decision


Final approval date


Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Local and urban development, conservation of cultural heritage and nature, and adaptation for tourism development 845 778 316 149 254 997 995 033 313
Quality and accessibility of public services: health, education and social infrastructure 629 609 905 111 107 630 740 717 535
Environment and sustainable development 1 128 119 555 206 990 179 1 335 109 734
Technical Assistance 44 824 795 0 44 824 795
Total 2 648 332 571 467 352 806 3 115 685 377