Operational Programme 'Implementation'

Programme under the Convergence Objective, co-funded by the Cohesion Fund


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On 1 August 2007, the European Commission approved the Hungarian Operational Programme “Implementation” for the period 2007-13. The Programme involves Community support for six Hungarian regions under the Convergence Objective, namely Western Transdanubia, Central Transdanubia, South Transdanubia, North Hungary, North Great Plain and South Great Plain. The total budget of the Programme is approximately €371 million and includes Community investment assistance through the Cohesion Fund of some €315 million. This represents about 1.2% of the total EU investment earmarked for Hungary under the Cohesion Policy for 2007-13.

1. Aim and purpose of the programme

The aim of the Programme is to provide financing for running the institutions and operating the tools required for implementing Operational Programmes under the Hungarian National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). Its overall objective is to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the NSRF and ensure full and timely use of the resources made available over the 2007-13 period.

Three specific objectives have been identified:

  • Ensure that the institutions involved in implementing EU Cohesion Policy in Hungary work to the highest standards;
  • Ensure that effective monitoring and evaluation systems are available for controlling the efficient use of EU Funds; and
  • Fulfil all requirements concerning information and publicity and the provision of locally accessible advisory services to beneficiaries.
  • The Programme aims to use 100% of the NSRF’s available funds and close all projects by 2015.

2. Expected impact of investments

The following are some of the expected impacts stemming from the Programme’s investments:

  • Availability rate of data infrastructure required for monitoring and evaluation - 100% by 2008;
  • Human resources capacity required for implementing the Operational Programmes - 100% by 2010; and
  • Acceptance rate of the New Hungary Development Plan (NHDP) results among the adult population - 70% by 2013.

3. Priorities

The Programme is structured according to the following priorities:

Priority 1: Operation of Central and Horizontal Institutional System [approximately 68.9% of total funding]

This priority aims to provide the administrative capacity required by central institutions responsible for deploying the EU support. Financing will be provided for running the central institutions, building their capacity and carrying out training activities.

Priority 2: Qualitative Implementation Tools [approximately 31.1% of total funding]

Activities under this priority include developing the IT system for monitoring how the EU funds are used, evaluating the implementation of Operational Programmes, providing information to beneficiaries and the public, carrying out partnership activities and establishing a local advisory network for project preparation.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'Implementation'

Intervention Type

Operational Programme

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Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Operation of Central and Horizontal Institutional System 217 038 743 38 300 955 255 339 698
Qualitative Implementation Tools 98 094 194 17 310 740 115 404 934
Total 315 132 937 55 611 695 370 744 632