Operational Programme 'Western Greece - Peloponnesus - Ionian Islands'

Programme under the Convergence objective co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


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On 5 November 2007, the European Commission approved a regional operational programme for the regions of Western Greece, Peloponnesus and Ionian Islands for the period 2007-2013, all falling under the "Convergence" objective.

The total public budget of the programme is around € 1.14 billion and the Community assistance through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) amounts to € 914 million. The interventions relate mainly to transport infrastructure, environment, rural and urban development, culture, entrepreneurship and digital convergence, social infrastructure and services, health and social care.

1. The purpose and aim of the EU investment

Building on the success and experience of the past Structural Funds Programmes, the new programme will take forward existing interventions while encouraging new and innovative approaches. Three general development objectives have been defined, namely a) to develop and modernise transport infrastructure, b) promote digital convergence with the use of Information and Communication technologies (ICT) and support for entrepreneurship and c) support a sustainable development and quality of life. The strategic objectives of the programme are to increase the attractiveness of the region.

2. The expected impact of the investment

The bulk of the ERDF contribution (62%) is injected in interventions relating to quality of life and sustainable development. Some 950 hospital beds shall be constructed and modernised. Nine landfills are programmed to be constructed and it is expected that whole population will be served by modern waste facilities. Thirteen waste water treatment plants are intended to be constructed and cover the needs of the major urban and rural agglomerations. In the area of infrastructure works & accessibility, 48 km of national roads will be maintained and modernised whereas some 245 km of secondary networks will ensure access to the main centres of the three regions. As regards digital convergence & entrepreneurship, 720 enterprises are expected to participate in the realisation of the programme. Finally, tourist enterprises of around 13 000 equivalent beds will be modernised, the majority of them (12 600) in the region of Ionian Islands so as to establish this region as an international tourist destination which provides high quality services.

3. Priorities

Nine priorities plus a technical assistance priority have been defined in the programme:

Priority 1: Infrastructure works & accessibility in Western Greece

The completion of major transport infrastructures in the field of roads, rails and ports including modernisation aspects is one of the strategic intentions. Develop and accelerate the completion of infrastructures & services and in particular the creation and operation of the Western road axis of PATHE Korinthos/Patras is of paramount significance to consolidating the economic development of this region.

Priority 2: Infrastructure works & accessibility in Peloponnesus

This priority aims at completing infrastructure works to ensure the intra connection of the mainland including the main important urban and semi-urban centres. Emphasis will be given in completing the basic road axes including complementary interventions in secondary networks/transport, urban planning and energy generation and distribution infrastructures.

Priority 3: Infrastructure works & accessibility in Ionian Islands

The aim of this priority is to improve the current basic road network; facilitate access to mainland of each island including easy access to ports and airports including management and security issues. As regards maritime transports, the aim is to complement and improve port facilities and infrastructure works of local and regional importance.

Priority 4: Digital convergence & entrepreneurship in Western Greece

Emphasis will be given in increasing investments in knowledge-intensive sectors and the reorientation of the productive dynamism of the economy into services and products of high added value. This will be pursued by the reinforcement of cooperation between universities, research institutes and enterprises, the set up of new companies including the modernisation of current ones, with emphasis on innovation and new technologies.

Priority 5: Digital convergence & entrepreneurship in Peloponnesus

The planned actions target the needs of the local bodies and SMEs on issues of innovation and digital convergence. This will be pursued by the introduction and use of ICT, the development and applications of digital technology into the local public administration in order to upgrade their organisational capacities. Besides, the programme will support SMEs to have access to new modern tools of ICT including investments in technological equipment and installation of PCs.

Priority 6: Digital convergence & entrepreneurship in Ionian Islands

The aim of this priority is to support the business activities by promoting alternative tourism activities, introducing quality standards and new technologies by encouraging the incorporation of innovative practices in the businesses community.

Priority 7: Sustainable development & quality of life in Western Greece

This priority axis aims to protect the environment, ensure sufficient and quality water supply ensuring its rational use, rehabilitation of the dump sites, and the use of new technologies for the prevention and management of environmental and technological risks. Protect the cultural heritage and monuments; reduce the infrastructure gap in terms of education, health and social care and promote and upgrade conditions of life in rural areas are the strategic objectives of this axis.

Priority 8: Sustainable development & quality of life in Peloponnesus

This will be pursed by co financing actions in culture, health, social infrastructure and environment. The cultural interventions aim at improving the infrastructure facilities, mainly archaeological museums and modern culture to broaden and differentiate the tourist products of the region. As regards health and social infrastructure, the aim is to improve and build infrastructure facilities relating to primary & secondary education, the health centres and social care stations. An integrated solid waste management and modern waste water facilities alongside a rational use of the water resources will be the focus of the environmental investments.

Priority 9: Sustainable development & quality of life in Ionian Islands

As regards environment, emphasis will be given in the rational use of water resources, the promotion of a modern solid waste management technologies and the rehabilitation of polluted areas. The cultural interventions aim to promote protection plans for the natural and cultural heritage, facilitate access to archaeological sites and monuments and improve tourist and cultural services. With respect to social infrastructure, the aim is to improve and build infrastructure facilities concerning the primary and secondary education. Finally, improving and ameliorating infrastructure facilities in the field of secondary social care as well as complementing the medical equipment of hospitals and health centres are some of the planned interventions.

Priority 10: Technical Support

The priority will focus on supporting the maturity of projects and assisting the beneficiaries and managing authorities in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, control, evaluation, and publicity of the co-funded actions.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'Western Greece - Peloponnesus - Ionian Islands'

Intervention Type

Operational Programme

CCI no


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Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Infrastructure works & accessibility – Western Greece 87 100 000 15 370 588 102 470 588
Infrastructure works & accessibility - Peloponnesus 93 000 000 18 000 000 111 000 000
Infrastructure works & accessibility - Ionian Islands 46 050 000 11 512 500 57 562 500
Digital convergence & entrepreneurship - West Greece 46 850 000 18 219 000 65 069 000
Digital convergence & entrepreneurship - Peloponnesus 26 000 000 6 600 000 32 600 000
Digital convergence & entrepreneurship - Ionian Islands 29 200 000 5 152 747 34 352 747
Sustainable development & quality of life - West Greece 217 870 000 55 143 353 273 013 353
Sustainable development & quality of life - Peloponnesus 190 000 000 52 400 000 242 400 000
Sustainable development & quality of life - Ionian Islands 163 450 000 43 752 500 207 202 500
Technical Support 14 480 000 2 849 312 17 329 312
Total 914 000 000 229 000 000 1 143 000 000