Operational Programme 'South-West'

Regional Programme under Convergence objective, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


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The European Commission approved on 3 December 2007 a regional operational programme of the NUTS II region South West in the Czech Republic. This programme involves Community support for the region within the framework of "Convergence" objective. The total budget of the programme is around EUR 729 million and the Community investment through the ERDF amounts to EUR 620 million (approximately 2 % of the total EU money invested in the Czech Republic under Cohesion policy 2007-2013).

1. The purpose and aim of the EU investment

The EU Cohesion Policy in 2007-2013 will put more emphasis on a territorially integrated approach to solving economic and social cohesion issues and to the decentralization of powers while implementing the interventions. This programme could play a decisive role in this area, and could have a very positive impact in economic and social terms. The strategy of this operational programme also emphasises the urban dimension. The support of small- and medium-sized municipalities as the growth poles of rural areas meets the requirement of an harmonious and balanced territorial development.

2. The expected impact of the investment

The programme will ensure the creation of around 105 new jobs. 20 km of new roads will be constructed and 200 km will be renovated. One regional airport should be reconstructed with the support of this programme. The number of tourists visiting the region should increase by 250 000.

3. Priorities

The global objective of the programme for the period of 2007–2013 is to increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of the region in the interest of a long-term sustainable growth in the quality of the lives of its inhabitants. The objective is divided in four specific priorities:

Priority 1: Accessibility of centres

The objective of this priority is to improve the transport accessibility of regional centres to other municipalities and towns within the region. In synergy with the Operational Programme "Transport", the regional transport infrastructure will be connected to the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T). The public transport will be supported by means of increasing its competitiveness.

Priority 2: Stabilisation and development of towns and municipalities

The objective is to stabilise rural areas through balanced development of towns and municipalities. The urban development in towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants (Plzen and Ceské Budejovice) will be implemented through integrated urban development plans.

Priority 3: Development of tourism

The global objective of this priority is to increase the use of the primary potential of the region and strengthen the economic importance of tourism and culture as tools for stabilization and diversification of the economic base within the rural and urban areas. Support should be primarily aimed at modernization and development of existing facilities to improve the quality of provided services.

Priority 4: Technical assistance

There is also provision for technical assistance in order to implement the programme. The financial support is available covering administration, monitoring, communication activities and control.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'South-West'

Intervention Type

Operational Programme

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Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Accessibility of centres 275 744 808 48 660 849 324 405 657
Stabilisation and development of towns and municipalities 201 386 657 35 538 822 236 925 479
Development of tourism 123 930 251 21 870 044 145 800 295
Technical assistance 18 589 538 3 280 508 21 870 046
Total 619 651 254 109 350 223 729 001 477