New Cohesion Policy - Sweden

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"EU funds have assisted Swedish SMEs to become more competitive and contributed to ensuring Sweden's leading role in innovation. It has created values within the regional growth policy and fostered structural changing interventions in the priority areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and green economy in Sweden. The proposal for the new legislation achieves a fine balance between continuity and the need for reforms. It has retained what worked while making it simpler and more operational, leading to an earlier delivery of results.

On Interreg:

"For already 27 years, Interreg has been bringing EU citizens together across borders, for example by helping build bi-lingual childcare facilities, or cross-border train lines or hospitals. The discussions of 4 July in Stockholm, will also focus on how Interreg VI can further support Sweden's efforts in cooperating with its neighbours for better living standards in cross-border regions". Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


KlimatSmart - Swedish Forest-Based Cooperation

Huge superficies, forest wherever the eye can see but dwindling activity? Never mind, smart Swedish regions, with the help of EU cohesion policy, have a solution!
The Climate Smart Innovation project is now helping to develop forest-based industries in the centre of Sweden, providing a long-term regional platform for building SME capacity in innovation and sustainable development.
The cohesion policy co-funded project relies on knowledge and skills transfer in climate protection, bio-economy and circular economy among businesses and other industry stakeholders, closer interaction with researchers, students and international partners and the association of public sector and civil society representatives.
The project helps maintain high efficiency and profitability, increases the innovation power in the basic industry whilst developing sustainable and climate shortage solutions.
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