New Cohesion Policy - Slovenia

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"Slovenia has made impressive progress thanks to the support of the EU cohesion policy. Thousands of jobs have been created and thousands of companies have received support. With the help of the EU investmet, the country is also becoming an important player in the regional and global innovation contest. Thanks to a more flexible, modern and simpler framework, Slovenia will continue to benefit from this investment for the benefit of its citizens"

"For already 27 years, Interreg has been bringing EU citizens together across borders, for example by helping build bi-lingual childcare facilities, or cross-border train lines or hospitals. The discussions of 4 July in Ljubljana, will also focus on how Interreg VI can further support Slovenia's efforts in cooperating with its neighbours for better living standards in cross-border regions". Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


Top-of-the-Class Ljubljana Campus

How to keep and attract top students and researchers and boost local economy? Llubljana, with the support of EU cohesion policy, found the recipe.
Slovenia’s competitive position in the field of science, especially chemistry, chemical technology, computer and information science can indeed have a positive impact on the country's export sector.
EU cohesion policy supported a first-class educational and research centre built at the University of Ljubljana, including a Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, a Faculty of Computer and Information Science as well as common spaces linked by a glass bridge. Their location on a campus together with other natural science faculties fosters collaboration in research and study.
The new centre has led to a significant increase in the number of teaching, research and administrative posts as well as student enrolment. It has also generated new business partnerships, patents and spin-offs and contributes significantly to Slovenia’s scientific competitiveness.
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