New Cohesion Policy - Slovakia

"Accounting for half of national public investment, EU funds helped Slovakia make a leap forward in infrastructures, besides supporting thousands of SMEs and research projects. On 12 June the Commission will present in Bratislava a more simplified and flexible cohesion policy for the future to deliver further growth and jobs in the country." Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


DIDKA - Digitalization of the Slovak National Library

Libraries and archives are facing new challenges as well as new opportunities in the times of digitalisation.
The EU cohesion policy co-funded DIDKA project has made the mass digitalisation of documents from the Slovak National Library and Archives possible. Two new state-of-the-art facilities were built: a digitisation centre for printed cultural heritage materials and document conservation and a restoration centre.
In total, over 2.5 million cultural heritage objects were digitised over three years, involving 200 staff and creating 93 new sustainable jobs. This unique project has opened up a digital future for the library and archives, making the documents accessible to a wider audience while ensuring their preservation for future generations.
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