New Cohesion Policy - Poland

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"Poland has proven itself as a champion in absorbing EU funds, with impressive results all around. Tens of thousands jobs have been created and nearly 1,900 km of roads built. We are coming today to Poland confident that this experience can be repeated in the next budget period and we always stand ready to help the country in this endeavour." Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


Faster on Rail from Kraków to Rzeszów

To complete the upgrade of 139 km track linking some of the most important cities in the south of Poland with other destinations in central and eastern Europe, EU cohesion policy supported the project to renovate of a section of the E30 rail track between the cities of Kraków and Rzeszów.
Since the completion of the track, the trains travel much faster, safety improved and passengers benefit from new station platforms. This improved rail link contributes towards stimulating pan-European trade and makes the rail network a fast and attractive option for passengers and freight alike.
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