New Cohesion Policy - Malta

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"Throughout the years, Malta has demonstrated how cohesion policy is a strategic investment which makes a real difference. Now, the Commission proposes to further modernise the policy and to give more possibilities for synergies within the EU budget toolbox. Malta will seize this opportunity, building on previous achievements and learning from past experiences" Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu." Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


Esplora Science and Technology Centre

To inspire more students to pursue scientific careers and help the country compete in knowledge-based economy, Esplora is bringing science and technology closer to the Maltese with the support of EU cohesion policy.
During the project, the Esplora building was extensively restored and equipped to help staff teach hard-to-convey scientific topics that require specialised interactive materials and equipment.
Students, teachers and the general public can now enjoy learning about science in the informal, hands-on setting at Esplora. The centre also runs science workshops, shows and outreach events.
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