New Cohesion Policy - Lithuania

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"Since the accession in 2004 Lithuania has made the fastest progress in convergence with the average EU GDP among EU Member States and the EU funds played an important role in this. The EU investments created tens of thousands of high quality jobs, fostered research and innovation in the Lithuanian SMEs and universities, upgraded Lithuanian transport and energy infrastructure and improved access to quality health and education services. Now we are looking forward to present in Vilnius a reformed cohesion policy for the future that will keep supporting the Lithuanian economy even better." Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


Vilnius's New Oncology Diagnostics and Services

Due to factors including late or incorrect diagnosis and treatment, cancer is a leading cause of mortality in Lithuania.
As part of its 2007-2013 EU cohesion policy programme to reduce morbidity and mortality from non-infectious diseases, Lithuania invested EU funds in improving the infrastructure and quality of services at oncology institutions. A new centre for positron emission tomography was built at the Vilnius University Hospital Santaros klinikos.
By combining this advanced functional imaging technology with computer imaging, early diagnosis of cancer has improved and it is now easier and quicker to determine the effectiveness of treatment, helping to reduce side effects in patients.
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