New Cohesion Policy - Hungary

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"Cohesion policy gives us the possibility to support concrete actions throughout the whole European Union. In Hungary, creating jobs will continue to be a significant priority, establishing missing infrastructural links and providing possibilities to both the public and the private sector - after 2020 as well."

"For already 27 years, Interreg has been bringing EU citizens together across borders, for example by helping build bi-lingual childcare facilities, or cross-border train lines or hospitals. The discussions of 17 July at the Getrman-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in Budapest, will also focus on how Interreg VI can further support Slovenia's efforts in cooperating with its neighbours for better living standards in cross-border regions". Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


Magdolna Quarter - Community Involvement & Urban Development

he Magdolna Quarter was once one of the most neglected parts of Józsefváros district in Budapest, dominated by run-down buildings, a socially disadvantaged population and high levels of unemployment.
In 2005, a long-term, integrated strategy was created to regenerate the neighbourhood. The project, support by EU cohesion policy, has brought about substantial improvements to housing as well as the local environment. Hard infrastructure investments were complemented by many soft projects, such as enhancement of public spaces, crime-prevention and employment services.
Thanks to the project, 18 new community and profit-oriented services have been established within the neighbourhood, and over 500 people have taken part in local community projects. Furthermore, 200 local inhabitants have actively taken part in the renewal of the local authority buildings. In total, the project will directly affect 12 000 inhabitants of the Magdolna quarter.
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