New Cohesion Policy - Germany

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"Cohesion policy is modern, dynamic and ensures incentives for structural reforms with strengthened links to the European Semester. With significant simplification, concentration and differentiation we are creating the conditions for success of our multi-faceted beneficiaries who need a flexible tool to support our common goals." Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


Hamburg’s Renewable «Energy Mountain»

How to manage waste and develop renewable energy in a smart manner ? Hamburg, with the support of EU cohesion policy, offers a worth while solution!
Seven million cubic metres of waste lie beneath a revegetated protective barrier: the former landfills have been converted into a public park, people can finally walk on a curved boardwalk around the top of the 40-metre hill to enjoy the natural green space and view over the city. An information centre has been set up for the sake of preserving the projects history as well.
The operation also allowed for extensive technical works to be undertaken to secure and clean the site for visitors and to protect the groundwater.
To improve the city's renewable energy supply, high-performance wind turbines and solar energy panels now provide 4 000 households with electricity.
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