New Cohesion Policy - France

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"France has benefitted from the support of the EU cohesion policy in many domains. Thousands of jobs have been created and thousands of companies have received support. With the help of the EU investment, the country is an important player in the regional and global innovation contest. Thanks to a more flexible, modern and simpler framework, France will continue to benefit from this investment for the benefit of its citizens."

"For already 27 years, Interreg has been bringing EU citizens together across borders, with projects like the Cerdanya Hospital, which is actually changing the life of many people on both sides of the border between France and Spain . I look forward to the coming debate on 10 July in Paris, on how our Funds for 2021-2027 can further support Slovenia's efforts in cooperating with its neighbours for better living standards in cross-border regions". Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


Mont Saint-Michel's Eco-Update

Le Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay is one of the most visited tourist sites in France, with over 3 million visitor from all over the world every year. However, the conditions of access were no longer at the height of fame which had considerable impacts on the sites environmental sustainability.
Major improvements, co-financed by EU cohesion policy, were launched in 2000. The Mont’s maritime landscape and architectural heritage have been restored thanks to hydraulic works that enable tidal and river currents to swirl around the mount as before. A new pedestrian-friendly bridge and tourist centre have replaced the old causeway and car park, and the bay’s flora, fauna and water quality are regularly monitored.
As a result, traffic pollution has reduced and the beneficial effects on the bay’s biodiversity are sustained.
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