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"Since accession in 2004, Estonia has achieved great things with EU Funds, for example the 'X-road', the digital facility that is the backbone of e-Estonia. I look forward to our debate with Estonian stakeholders on 5 June, on what our funds for 2021-2027 can do to continue improving the daily lives of Estonian citizens" Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


Estonia's E-Emergency Call System

In 2015, Estonia merged its domestic emergency call number for the police with the Single European Emergency Number 112 which had already been used for ambulance and fire services.
This EU cohesion policy co-funded project developed technical solutions that enabled the different emergency service providers to process and respond to calls more quickly and efficiently.
By 2017, 94 % of users were satisfied with the emergency call service. Knowing that emergency help is rapidly available from the central system has enforced citizen's feeling of security.
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