New Cohesion Policy - Belgium

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"Belgium has achieved great things with EU Funds, particularly in the support to SMEs and startups, job creation, renewable energy and rehabilitation of urban areas. I look forward to our debate with the Belgian stakeholders on 6 July, on what our funds for 2021-2027 can do to continue improving the daily lives of Belgian citizens". Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu

On Interreg:

"For already 27 years, Interreg has been bringing EU citizens together across borders, for example by helping build bi-lingual childcare facilities, or cross-border train lines or hospitals. The discussions of 6 July in Brussels, will also focus on how Interreg VI can further support Belgium's efforts in cooperating with its neighbours for better living standards in cross-border regions".


Leuven’s Bio-Incubator

To meet the increasing demand for specialized incubation space in the life sciences sector, EU Cohesion Policy helped expand existing facilities at The Leuven Bio-Incubator.
Belgium universities train top specialists in life sciences but availability of state-of- the art facilities was lagging behind. EU Cohesion policy co-financed new research facilities to provides a dynamic and stimulating innovation environment, in which starting ups in the field of biotechnology can develop their ideas and technologies. The extension has offered employment for around 300 highly skilled researchers, 15 leading research companies focusing on stem calls and therapies against Parkinson, Alzheimer, diabetes and cancer.
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