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"Since accession in 1995, EU cohesion policy has widely supported job creation, innovative business and cooperative research in Austria. I am happy that the new generation of funds for 2021-2027 will provide new and simpler funding opportunities for Austrian small and medium-sized businesses to invest in innovation and excellence." Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu


DREAM - Danube River Research and Management

The DREAM project, based in Austria, close to the Hungarian and Slovakian border, kick-started a series of initiatives supported by EU cohesion policy in line with the priorities of the EU macro-regional strategy for the Danube Region to tame, protect and optimise the use of the Danube river crossing 7 EU member states and 3 candidate countries.
The Danube is a long but not a calm river – its floods endanger the lives and activities of citizens living by its side, pollution endangers the survival of original species and the irregular river bed compromises navigability throughout the year. Research is the solution. The DREAM initiative supported the modernization of old facilities and the construction of new ones, it fostered knowledge transfer between science and river management by creating monitoring and modelling systems and guidelines.
The results will inform future river management, help to protect the environment and contribute to the future prosperity of the Danube region.
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