Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen annual event - Environment at the heart of cross-border cooperation

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Les Mazures, France
For this new edition of the programme event, all of the programme’s priorities are going green!
Green innovation, circular economy, development of short circuits, sustainable tourism, sustainable mobility, and more.
Environmental and sustainable development issues are at the very core of many of the projects in the current Interreg V programme.
Our programme became part of the European Green Deal well ahead of Interreg VI.
The 2021 programme event will be an opportunity to highlight the project portfolios and micro-projects that fall within these two thematic categories, as well as their concrete benefits for the population and the cross-border territory.
The programme includes opportunities for project partners to share their achievements, results and experiences, in a spin-off and capitalisation approach with a view to the next Interreg VI programme, in which the environment and sustainable development will figure prominently among the other topics.
So, save the date for the morning of 2 December 2021.
The full programme of the event will be sent to you soon.
To follow the preparation of the event, check #INTERREGGREEN and #GREENEU on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

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Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen


Jean-Baptiste Meert

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