Regiostars 2020 - ENERGY@SCHOOL

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Regiostars 2020 - ENERGY@SCHOOL

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The winners of the annual RegioStars awards - awarding outstanding Cohesion Policy projects - were announced in Brussels. And the winner for Category 5 -Youth empowerment for cooperation across borders - 30 years of Interreg is: ENERGY@SCHOOL (AT - DE - HR - HU - IT - PL - SI).

Youth will play a crucial role in Europe’s transition to a carbon neutral continent. Energy@School trained pupils to become ‘junior energy guardians’. This awareness-raising approach resulted in significant energy efficiency improvements for the participating schools and can easily be rolled out in other regions. The project has shown that giving youth greater responsibility can be as effective as expensive renovation measures.

Datum: 14/10/2020

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Dauer 02:42 minutes / mp4

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