Evaluation Helpdesk

  • Daniele Bondonio - Cross-Regional Sequential Difference in Difference (CR-SEQDD): An Empirical Approach for Evaluating EU Thematic-Objective Interventions with Regional Data Aggregated at the National Level, Technical Note PDF en

Summer School, Online event, October 2020


  • Strengthening Structural Fund evaluation systems PDF en
  • Evaluation of research, technological development and innovation PDF en
  • Impact evaluations on Support to SMEs: a guide to practice PDF en
  • Support to SMEs (Thematic Objective 3): Review of evaluations undertaken in Member States PDF en
  • Support to energy efficiency and renewables (Thematic Objective 4): Review of evaluations undertaken in Member States PDF en

Summer School, Burgas (BG), July 2019


  • Evaluation questions – Stakeholder needs and evaluation design PDF en
  • Evaluating whole programmes? …. Or delimiting the scope and scale of evaluations PDF en
  • How to make use of evaluation results PDF en
  • Reflections of practitioners – case study of ERDF (DE) PDF en

Summer School, Balatonfüred (HU) May 2018


  • Evaluating results and impacts PDF en
  • Designing evaluations (1) – Frameworks and evaluation questions PDF en
  • Designing evaluations (2) – Methodological choice PDF en
  • A practitioner’s guide to counterfactual impact evaluation PDF en
  • Counterfactual impact evaluation – case study of 1994-1999 ERDF programme, IT PDF en
  • What is theory based impact evaluation? PDF en
  • Theory based impact evaluation – case study in the field of enterprise support PDF en
  • Managing evaluations – case study of ERDF (DE) PDF en

Summer School in Athens, June 2017

Preparatory Material:

  • Unpacking Black Boxes: Mechanisms and Theory Building in Evaluation PDF en
  • Are social mechanisms usable and useful in evaluation research? PDF en
  • EVALSED: The resource for the evaluation of Socio-Economic Development PDF en

Presentations :

  • Frans Leeuw: General Introduction and Background information PDF en
  • Frans Leeuw: Coleman boat model PPT en
  • Frans Leeuw: Wrap up and consequences for the ToRs PPT en
  • Oliver Schwab: An example for theory-based evaluation - ERDF Berlin PPT en
  • Tecla Livi: Confronting housing poverty: the role of Social Agencies for Housing PDF en

Development of quality terms of reference for impact evaluations - Summer school in Valletta (MT), October 2016

Preparatory Material:

  • A Fresh Look at the Intervention Logic of Structural Funds PDF en
  • A Contribution to Current Debates in Impact Evaluation PDF en
  • Broadening the range of designs and methods for impact evaluations PDF en
  • Broadening the range of designs and methods for impact evaluations PDF en
  • Writing terms of reference for an evaluation: a how-to guide PDF en
  • Outline of the course PDF en

Presentations :

  • Three-days on how to write BETTER Terms of Reference (ToRs) for Evaluation PDF en
  • 10 key points from Howard White PDF en
  • The counterfactual logic for impact evaluation PDF en
  • how to approach public procurement PDF en
  • Final summary PDF en

Group Works:

  • Group Work “Revising your first ToR” PDF en
  • Group Work 2 “Revising your first ToR” PDF en
  • Group Work 3 “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” PDF en - Example 1 PDF en - Example 2 PDF en - Example 3 PDF en