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Erasmus at 40

by - José Luis Pedrero Anguita


Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how the Erasmus project would change my life. 

At the age of 45 and with a family to take care of I embarked, with a group of colleagues, on Utopia: to present an Erasmus project in our HE Institution (IES) for teacher training. 

Several meetings and many hours' work later, Europe opened its doors to us and Utopia became a reality. For IES María Guerrero, in Collado Villalba, internationalisation was just beginning. 

I want to stress that, above all, it’s been the team work and personal and professional relationships that have brought about such positive changes in my life. I have unforgettable European colleagues who it’s been a pleasure for me to know. Thanks to Eva Maria, my German soul mate, who helped me understand that the world is a better place thanks to Erasmus. 

Team of IES María Guerrero professionals who embarked on Erasmus.

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