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LIFE Ammonia Trapping

by - Cristian Pascual Rubio


In 2017 the high speed Renfe train service in Spain celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over the course of these 25 years, 357 million passengers have used the services of more than 200 trains from one of the most modern and versatile fleets in Europe.

But high speed rail is responsible for more than just passenger transport. Railway infrastructures generate various effects on birds, to which high speed rail must be added as an additional factor warranting attention when considering this type of rail line.

The main objective of the LIFE Impacto Cero (Zero Impact) project is to implement measures to protect birds through anti-collision screens on high-speed rail lines.

This LIFE project is being developed by AdifFCC EnvironmentProintec IngenieríaFacultad de Ciencias UAM (UAM Faculty of Sciences) and Renfe.

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