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Shaping the future of the Gen Y

by - Danijela Grubišić


Projects, projects, projects.. what are they all about? Ever since I went into highscool everyone is speaking about them. My freshman year was 2011. when Europe seemed pretty far and foreign. In 2013. Croatia entered the EU and everything changed - on better.

I still remember the day when our English teacher came into the class all enthusiastic about project she applied us on. She asked us who wants to see the world, meet new people and cultures, share our new knowledge and spread our horizons. I raised my hand and signed myself for the train to better future.


(Screenshot of Facebook life event)

My first experience in EU projects was Comenius that is now a part of Erasmus+ programe. Pupils from seven countries shared their cultures, ideas, motivation and skills in a two years long project called C Code for Comenius. You could ask yourself, what does the C stands for? It stands for culture and creativity that brought us all together, like the motto of the EU says: ”United in diversity”. 

(Photo of all the participants in Comenius programe in Poland, 2013)

Comenius was about ecology, recycling and using our food and natural resources rationally. It was a great intro to what is coming in Croatia before and after joining EU. Making healthy habits, learning about other people and their cultures made me more opened to the world and my (new) country - Europe. I made friends and memories for life that shaped the person I am today. After the project, I came back home with some new ideas and habits that my household members started to practice also, the main one certainly was recycling every possible thing and having zero food waste. 

Besides Comenius, I was also participating in Youth in Action programe (now Erasmus+) called First Time Voters that had a goal to educate young adults about European parliament elections in 2014. After this project, I started having ideas to become a project manager for youth programmes so during my later studies I joined in the student association that was having this ocuppation. In two years we had one Erasmus+ project and the other one from EUSA for European University Games held in Zagreb. 

Meeting Europe over Erasmus+ projects made me more aware about European society and its values that I cherish and spread away.

Photo from celebration of Europe Day on 9/5/2018 on University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić where I finished BA program).

After all this experience, I started to understand what are the projects about. They are about people, cohesion, understanding, accepting, learning and sharing what we know in order to make better Europe for everyone. Every day.

(Photo of the mural in Brussels).

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