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When you love what you do, you Evolve!

by - Cristina dovan


There I was in my second year at Coventry University, wishing to be part of the amazing programme Evolve funded by the European Union at the Enterprise Hub. In order to be part of it, you need to have a business idea,pitch it in front of a panel and then wait to see if you are accepted.I am afraid of water, since I was 15 years old, one of my 'friends' threw me into the water and I went to the bottom, I don't know how to swim, and since then I am afraid of water.

Dream big,take every chance,grind,grow,evolve!

Dream big, take every chance, grind, grow, evolve!

One August morning!

One morning I wake from a nightmare, I was dreaming that I am drowning, I wake up frightened and I started to think how can I create a device to help people with the same problem. I was thinking to create a bracelet that monitors the heart rate, which is linked to an app, recording your activity in the water, and if there was something wrong, it would trigger an alarm. After I thought of it, I went to the Enterprise Hub and pitched my idea, I was accepted and I started with Cohort no. 2 in February 2017.

I was amazed by the broad range of subjects that we covered during the sessions, I met with my colleagues, we were more than 10 accepted to develop our ideas ,and all very excited.
I have learned from how to pitch my idea to investors to the legal part of the business, I know how to implement marketing strategies and how to deal with the financial aspects of my business now, all thanks to the Evolve programme at Coventry University, UK.
After the 20 hours in the programme, every student is allocated to a mentor, someone who is an expert in their field, to guide us and advice us on matters related to the business, but most of all on personal matters. The mentor had to assure that every one of us will be capable to deal with everything, and to be strong both mentally and emotionally. So I met my mentor...

Ivan Vickers and his amazing methods

I met Ivan Vickers, I was very nervous, thinking that he will ask me a lot of questions about my business plan,and I felt that I am not prepared, I was so wrong, he focused on me, on who I am, he asked me how was my childhood, what makes me happy, what are my dreams and fears, and he asked me when was the last time, when I was truly happy, jump for joy happy .I remember I told him, that more than 10 years ago I participated in an on-line contest and I won a book, and I literally jumped for joy, and I was never as happy as I was that day, no matter what happened to me. He was an amazing mentor. In my final year as a student, last October, I had a meeting with him and I was complaining about how busy I was, and how I have to write my dissertation and my essays, I have a kid and I was very stressed because he started school that year too. Anyway he said the next best thing: 'Cristina stop complaining and do something about it. He suggested to wake up at 04.00 AM ,work for my coursework; essays and dissertation, and then go to the University, and deal with my other commitments. And so I did,I wake up at 04.00 AM for the next months, did my readings ,my coursework, all this paid off because and I was awarded the Bachelor of Arts with Honours First Class in International Relations. Not only I had a first for my dissertation but I will graduate with a first class degree in November this year, this is when our graduation ceremony will take place. I cannot help of think how happy I was with my decision and how much help I have received from my mentor, both personally and professionally. The Evolve programme, not only helped me grow my business but it helped through it's mentor to grow personally and evolve into an accomplished graduate with an amazing future. The idea of the programme it's amazing, because it helps students to put their ideas at use and help make a difference, their voice is heard and we can make the world a better place through our ideas, 'words and ideas can change the world', if you are brave enough to work for them. I've learned that you need to believe in yourself and to work hard for what you want, and only then you can evolve into an amazing person, who cares and works to change the world.

Passion, work and hope can help you get the life you want, never give up on your hopes, because you never know where you can end up. Be brave, dream and EVOLVE!


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