Cross-border cooperation in Latin America: contribution to the regional integration process


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Date : 01/10/2010

The subject of this study is to develop a SWOT analysis in selected cross-border areas (including the triple frontier area Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay) in Latin America showing a high potential for cooperation but where sustainable and systematic territorial cooperation has not yet been achieved. On the basis of the results of the analysis, the contractor has elaborated a road map or action plan concerning the next steps for enhancing the collaboration in the selected border areas with concrete actions and measures. At this respect, the study applied the main lessons and best practice learnt from the European experience on cross-border cooperation (and in particular the support of EU regional policy to territorial cooperation). The action plan addresses, among others, the following themes: creation of working groups in the selected border areas, training needs, development of common projects, building of common strategies and programmes, development of common structures, governance model: horizontal (cross-departmental) and vertical (across level of government)

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