IPA Regional Development Programmes in Montenegro


The overall objective of the programme "Regional Development" in Montenegro is to improve living standards and the state of environment in Montenegro in accordance with national policies and strategies as well as with EU policies and standards.


This objective is to be achieved through the following:

  • (a) Upgrading of environmental management systems
  • (b) Improvement of transport system by promoting environmentally friendly transport modes with special emphasis on rail infrastructure in order to provide better services
  • (c) Technical assistance covering the preparatory, management, monitoring, evaluation, information and control activities related to the implementation of the programme together with activities to reinforce the administrative capacity for its implementation.

In the first priority axis, investments into waste water treatment facilities are expected, as well as into waste management centres. The second priority axis aims are improvement of the existing railway infrastructure by elimination of the existing safety risks which currently jeopardise the rail transport in Montenegro.

Financial Table

Years Total Public Expenditure
European Union Contribution (IPA)
National Public Contribution
IPA co-financing rate
Priority Axis 1 15 983 530 13 586 000 2 397 530 85 %
Priority Axis 2 8 868 114 7 537 895 1 330 219 85 %
Priority Axis 3 1 307 982 1 111 784 196 198 85 %
Total 26 159 626 22 235 679 3 923 947 85 %

The IPA contribution in the programme (EUR 22 235 679) does not correspond to the overall amount available to Montenegro under IPA Component III, since EUR 500 000 were reserved for JASPERS technical assistance to the beneficiary country. This allocation will be centrally managed by the European commission through a contribution agreement with the EIB.

Major Projects examples:

  • Upgrading water supply and construction of the sewerage network and waste water treatment plant in the municipality of Berane: The project aims to improve the collection and treatment of wastewater in the agglomeration of Berane and to a minor extent the efficiency, reliability and quality of potable water supplies. The main objectives of the project are stated as:
    • the reduction of adverse impacts on human health from insufficient drinking water quality and from untreated wastewater, and
    • the improvement of surface water quality in the streams and rivers in the project area


Operating structure

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
IV Proleterske 19, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro


Ratka Sekulović, Head of the Operating Structure for IPA III Component
Telephone: + 382 20 446 381
E-mail: ratka.sekulovic@mrt.gov.me