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Phase II Urban Pilot Projects

As one of the most important harbours on the Adriatic Coast, and with direct links to Greece and the Near East, Brindisi has a large influx of seasonal traffic and transit tourism. The project targets the one million annual tourists and the average daily port-traffic of 8,000 people in order to promote economic growth in the city’s tourism sector. To date, this potential has not been fully developed.

Transit tourism has to date been viewed as just a burden on the city’s traffic. Due to the lack of tourist facilities, Brindisi has failed in persuading tourists to spend time in the city and visit its considerable wealth of historical monuments. To reverse this trend, the project will undertake the restoration of the harbour area and the creation of a tourist route leading to the Old Town district. The resulting private investment into tourist attractions and facilities in the Old Town is anticipated to lead to a comprehensive regeneration of this part of Brindisi.

The project is based on the City Council’s strategy for the urban regeneration of the harbour area. This is supported by a public/private partnership comprising the city’s administration, commercial operators, including the traditional handicraft producers and the Apulian University. The regeneration of the harbour area will concentrate on two key sites. Primarily, the abandoned Scuola Marinara, near the dock area will be renovated and transformed into a tourism centre. The centre will house a "Tourism Information Bureau", a travel agency, a nursery and rest rooms. It will provide for exhibition areas displaying traditional Apulian handicrafts and a multimedia room will allow "virtual tourism" to explore the surrounding area and learn about the city’s history. The second site, Vico Santa Chiara, is a street linking the harbour area with the Cathedral Square in the Old Town. This route will also be renovated in order to give tourists an enjoyable journey between the harbour and the Old Town.

A further important facet of the project is that the private sector will be strongly involved in identifying opportunities for tourism development in the Old Town. Incentives for the development of handicraft workshops producing traditional Apulian handicrafts will be provided. A strategic programme will be devised in order to examine the comprehensive redevelopment of the Old Town based on public/private partnerships. These activities will be supported by the establishment of a company to encourage private business initiatives and provide ongoing support for the economic regeneration of the Old Town. It is thus intended that the Urban Pilot Project will be a catalyst for a wider regeneration of the city.

Besides improving the residents’ quality of life through an increase in economic investment in the tourism sector, the project will establish a "Social and Cultural Centre" in a building near the future Tourism Information Bureau. A further service for Brindisi’s citizens will involve the setting up of an "Urban Integrated Services Centre".

As part of the project, a public information campaign will be undertaken to disseminate information on project activities. Meetings will be organised between individual project partners and potential investors. The launching of concrete tourist initiatives in order to stimulate employment and urban regeneration is expected to be of relevance to other Italian and European medium-sized cities with unfulfilled tourism potential.

Amongst the expected achievements of the project ranks primarily the creation of employment and the improvement of the tourist infrastructure in the Old Town and harbour area. The project activities will entail the temporary employment of ten to fifteen people to participate in the reconstruction effort. Around twenty two permanent jobs will be created to take care of the project’s administration, including the operation of the tourism centre. It is anticipated that further jobs will be created in the tourism sector following the enhancement of the tourist facilities, and from private investment in the Old Town.

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