Brochures "Regional policy on the ground"

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Supporting micro-credit providers with JASMINE pdfde

The JASMINE initiative identified four strands of action to develop the provision of micro-credit in the EU:
1. Improving the legal and administrative institutions
in the Member States.
2. Encouraging a climate of entrepreneurship and growing employment.
3. Promoting good practice in the field of micro-lending.
4. Providing additional funding for non-bank
micro-credit lenders.


Investing in our regions

Investing in our Regions - 150 examples of projects co-funded by European Regional Policy pdf - Zipped files


The Outermost Regions - European regions of assets and opportunities

The Outermost Regions - European regions of assets and opportunities (May 2010)

Cohesion Policy provides the ORs with important support designed to help them achieve greater economic and social convergence with the rest of the Community. On top of the €5 billion that these regions will receive for the 2007–13 period from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Cohesion Fund (for the Portuguese ORs) and the European Social Fund (ESF), the EU's Cohesion Policy has earmarked additional funding to offset higher costs faced by the ORs, at the rate of €35 per inhabitant per year (a total of €979 million for all the regions).

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Polityka spójności 2007-13

W służbie regionom

Regions for economic change

Stosunki międzynarodowy

Structural policies and European territory

Projekty w krajach członkowskich

Structural policies and the drivers of regional economies