Cohesion policy: Strategic report 2010
on the implementation of the programmes 2007-2013

  • What progress are Member States and their regions making in delivering agreed objectives, including high level EU objective?
  • How has cohesion policy contributed to reducing economic and social disparities across Europe?
  • What has been the impact of the on-going economic crises on implementing cohesion programmes?
  • How are Member States performing in various sectors against the EU average?


02.12.2010: The Committee of the Regions published its opinion on the Strategic report 2010 PDFen

04.10.2010 : Regional Policy in the EU: A Midterm Healthcheck - summary report and country by country reports

15.06.2010: The General Affairs Council of the Council of Ministers yesterday adopted conclusions on the Commission 2010 strategic report. The conclusions were prepared by the Spanish Presidency, assisted by the future Belgian and Hungarian Presidencies, and deal with both the Commission's conclusions and recommendations as well as giving pointers as to the future direction of the policy. In that context the conclusions emphasise the need for the policy to have an important role within the Europe 2020 Strategy fostering structural change across Europe and supporting key investment priorities. They go on to address the need for one strategic approach and common implementation rules for the three funds ERDF/CF/ESF, to better address the problems of regions in transition and for further streamlining administrative procedures. PDFEN

03.06.2010: The Swedish government has published a report, which has been transmitted to the parliament, entitled "Strategic growth efforts for regional competitiveness, entrepreneurship and employment". In it the Government states its view on the direction of the regional growth policy on the basis of the 2009 cohesion policy Strategic Report and the Territorial Review of Sweden carried out by the OECD in 2009. PDFSV

31.03.2010: Strategic report 2010 adopted by the Commission

15.02.2010: Press report on the French national report (Euractiv Press Report)

19.11.2009: Austrian Authorities are first to submit their national strategic report to the Commission. The Austrian national strategic report is presented in a conference in Graz.

09.06.2009: Presentation of the strategic report exercise in the "Train the Trainers" seminar.