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Objective 1 :
Supporting development in the less prosperous regions

Objective 1 of the Structural Funds is the main priority of the European Union's cohesion policy. In accordance with the treaty, the Union works to "promote harmonious development" and aims particularly to "narrow the gap between the development levels of the various regions". This is why more than 2/3 of the appropriations of the Structural Funds (more than EUR 135 billion) are allocated to helping areas lagging behind in their development ("Objective 1") where the gross domestic product (GDP) is below 75% of the Community average.

All these regions have a number of economic signals/indicators "in the red":

  • low level of investment;
  • a higher than average unemployment rate;
  • lack of services for businesses and individuals;
  • poor basic infrastructure.

Some fifty regions, home to 22% of the European population, are covered in the period 2000-06. The Structural Funds will support the takeoff of economic activities in these regions by providing them with the basic infrastructure they lack, whilst adapting and raising the level of trained human resources and encouraging investments in businesses.


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