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Interreg II

Article 10 Pilot Actions for transnational cooperation on spatial planning

Central and Eastern Mediterranean Space - “ARCHI-MED” GR / I

This pilot action aims to experiment transnational cooperation within a framework of common territorial development priorities, focusing on the development of a strategic vision for the area in question. It should prepare the development of future perspectives and schemes for the spatial development of the area coherent to the elaboration of the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP).


The pilot action is oriented to the following scopes :
  • to improve the knowledge about the specific resources and potentialities of the area;
  • to establish partnership, a dialogue and a cooperative attitude among governments, local authorities and public institutions about spatial development issues;
  • to exchange, share and develop advanced methodologies and tools to improve the management of the spatial development process and to create common languages and sensibilities on spatial planning issues;
  • to test experimental and demonstrative projects that can help the development of the area.
The main goals are :
  • the development of spatial development schemes that provide the framework for the development of this space as a bridge linking the area of Central and Eastern Mediterranean with surrounding areas;
  • the preservation and the enhancement of natural, cultural, environmental heritage;
  • the improvement of territorial conditions that can support the development of sustainable tourism, as a fundamental economic activity that represents the backbone of the economic development of the area.
Other specific objectives of the pilot action include :
  • the development of transport outlines that promote multimodality, with the promotion of environmentally friendly transport modes and services, the structuring of horizontal crossing corridors and the integration of island States in international transport systems;
  • the improvement and the reinforcement of transnational cooperation for the control and the management of maritime traffic, with the intention of improving the quality and the efficiency of the action of safeguarding of sea environment and of supporting the safety of the navigation in the area;
  • the development of quality tourism through the improvement of the efficiency of touristic services and infrastructures;
  • a positive development of the natural environment and landscape through the safeguarding and the increase of biodiversity;
  • a more systematic and accurate knowledge of the consistency of cultural heritage and of the risks to which it is exposed, as a basic element for a future conscious enhancement of this heritage and for the increase of quality of landscapes, taking into account the specific characteristics of the Mediterranean space.

Summary of measures / actions :

These objectives give raise to the following thematic sub-actions and possible projects:

Sub-action 1 : Promotion of a sustainable mobility in a framework of equivalent access to infrastructures.
1.1: Feasibility study on intermodal transport
1.2: Integrated project for the development of the safety and commercial aspects of intermodal transport of passengers and goods in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean zone.

Sub-action 2 : Prudent management of natural heritage.
2.1: Protection of threatened endemic species
2.2: Enhancement and management of the environment as a factor for development

Sub-action 3 : Preservation of cultural heritage and landscapes.
3.1: Risk map of Cultural heritage and mapping and description of cultural landscape
3.2: Mapping of historical migrations and preservation of their traces within the Mediterranean area

Sub-action 4 : Development of quality tourism
4.1: Development of touristic communication and information networks

Eligible regions
Greece: as a whole - totally Objective 1
Italy: Sicily, Calabria, Basiliccata, Puglia - all Objective 1

Third participating States :
Malta, Cyprus, and eventually other Third Mediterranean States such as Tunisia and Egypt (possible financing through MEDA)

Financing :
Total public cost: 6,665 MECU
Total EU funding: 5 MECU (2,5 MECU for Greece and 2,5 MECU for Italy)
EU co-financing rate: 75%
Total Public Counterpart: 1,665 MECU (0,8325 MECU for each Member State)

Contact details in the Member States :

Mrs Clara Collarile / Mr Enrico Martial
Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici
Ufficio Rapporti con L'Unione Europea e Affari Internazionali
P.le di Porta Pia 1
I - 00189 ROMA
Tel : +39.06-44123161
Fax : 44123300
E-mail :

Mr Komninidis
Min. Nat. Economy Athens
Director regional policies
Tel : +30.1-3332395
Fax : 3332390

Mr Martinos
Min. Nat. Economy Athens,
Direction of Regional Policy
Tel : +30.1-3332393
Fax : 3332390
E-mail :

Mr Adonis Constantinides
Planning Bureau Cyprus,
Directorate of Cyprus-EU Relationsin
Tel : +3572-303586
Fax : 366810
E-mail :

Mrs Maria Pia Pace
Min. of Foreign Affairs in Malta
Tel : +356-242580
Fax : 240210
E-mail :


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