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Innovative actions 1994-99
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Innovative Actions :
Innovative strategies for regional competitiveness

The innovative actions of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) were laboratories of ideas for regions to develop innovation policies. As the opportunities for experimentation were often limited under the main support of the Structural Funds, the innovative actions provided regional actors with the "risk space" needed to respond to the challenges set by the new economy.
During the period 2002-06, the programmes funded measures relating to one or more of the following three strategic themes:

  • knowledge-based regional economies and technological innovation;
  • e-EuropeRegio: the information society and regional development;
  • regional identity and sustainable development.

Regional programmes for innovative actions  will not be co-financed by the structural funds as distinct operational programmes for the 2007-2013 programming period, but regions are encouraged to include experimentation in their operational programmes To this end, the Commission published in 2006 a practical guidance presenting examples of good practice drawn from 15 years of experience with regional innovation strategies and actions financed by the EU. In a survey made in autumn 2007 it was established that 175 operational programmes included experimentation in one form or another in the strategies of their operational programmes.

In spring 2007 the Commission published a series of project analyses highlighting the good practices produced by the regions within the European Union under the Innovative actions programmes.

Since then these and other case studies have been made available for policy makers and practitioners in a searchable case studies database.

To support innovation and the exchange of good practice  during the 2007-2013 programming period, the Commission launched the "Regions for Economic Change" initiative. For details please see the Regions for Economic Change website.

In 2011 DG REGIO published finalised a study on "Policy lessons from experimentation with regional programmes of innovative actions":
Summary presentation pdf - Study pdf - 10 Project Case studies zip - 24 Programme assessments zip

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