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2000-2006 : The European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF)

The EAGGF is composed of two sections, the Guidance section and the Guarantee section. Within the framework of European economic and social cohesion policy, the EAGGF supports rural development and the improvement of agricultural structures.

EAGGF: fields of application

  • Investment in agricultural holdings (modernisation, reduction in production costs, product quality, the environment, etc.)
  • Aid for the setting up of young farmers and vocational training
  • Aid for early retirement
  • Compensation for less-favoured areas
  • Agri-environmental measures
  • Processing and marketing of agricultural products
  • Development and optimal utilisation of forests
  • Development of rural areas through the provision of services, support for the local economy, encouragement for tourism and craft activities, etc.

In Objective 1 regions, these measures are financed by the EAGGF- Guidance section, with the exception of compensatory allowances, aid for early retirement, agri-environmental measures, and measures for the development of forests, which are financed by the EAGGF-Guarantee section. Outside of Objective 1 areas, all measures are financed by the EAGGF-Guarantee section.

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