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Management and monitoring of structural programmes

Although the Structural Funds are part of the Community budget, the way in which they are spent is based on a system of shared responsibility between the European Commission and Member State governments:

  • the Commission negotiates and approves the development programmes proposed by the Member States and allocates resources.
  • the Member States and their regions manage the programmes, implement them by selecting projects, control and assess them.
  • the Commission is involved in programme monitoring, commits and pays out approved expenditure and verifies the control systems which have been put in place.

This Community funds management system is based on the principles of subsidiarity and partnership with a view to delivering prompt and efficient assistance. It nevertheless requires all parties involved to play their part and take their share of responsibility in the implementation of programmes up to 2006.

  1. The programmes: types and financing plans
  2. The projects: eligibility and co-financing rates
  3. Management and monitoring
  4. The process for allocating of European funds
  5. Control systems

This information is summarised in the Inforegio general information document "Sound management of the Structural Funds: a major issue for the Union's development".

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