Conference on JEREMIE & JESSICA: Innovative financial instruments in EU Cohesion Policy

22-23 October 2009


The conference was designed as a flagship event aimed at the promotion of the JEREMIE and JESSICA initiatives and the exchange of best practice among participants. It provided an updated state of play of the implementation of both initiatives in Member States, including presentations by national and regional authorities of case studies and recent developments in their areas.

It also brought together high level participants from EU Member States including policymakers and representatives of the public and private sector.


Press Release


Workshop 1: Workshop 1 JESSICA architectures –holding funds & urban development funds in Europe

JESSICA: State of play by Dorota Kalina Zaliwska, Head of Financial Engineering Unit, DG Regio pdf

JESSICA in Portugal by Andrea Tinagli, Head of Product Development Southern Europe, JESSICA Task Force, EIB pdf

The case of Wielkopolska (Poland) – A regional JESSICA holding fund by R. Krawczykowski, Director, Wielkopolska Marshall Office pdf

The urban development funds in the state of Brandenburg by Pertti Hermannek, Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg pdf

Workshop 2: JEREMIE implementation – A flexible tool to SME financing

JEREMIE – State of play in EU Member States by George  Kolivas, JEREMIE Coordinator, Financial Engineering Unit, DG REGIO pdf

JEREMIE – State of play in EU Member States by Hubert Cottogni, Head of JEREMIE, EIF pdf

JEREMIE implementation with EIF acting as holding fund in the French region Languedoc-Roussillon by Bruno Robino, Head of Region, JEREMIE in Southern Europe, EIF pdf

JEREMIE Implementation with EIF acting as advisor to the regional holding fund: The case of North-East England by Andrew Mitchell, Chief Executive, North East Finance pdf

Workshop 3: JESSICA as a tool for delivering sustainable urban development & energy efficiency actions

JESSICA holding funds in the EU – A powerful financing instrument for sustainable urban development & energy efficiency actions by Frank Lee, Head of Product Development Northern Europe, JESSICA Task Force, EIB pdf

JESSICA holding fund for London – Delivering urban regeneration and renewable energy infrastructure  by Alex Conway, Head of European Programmes Management Unit, London Development Agency pdf

KredEx / CEB co-operation – Financing energy efficiency investments in Estonian housing by M. Seppälä, Country Manager - Nordic & Baltic countries, Malta, Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) pdf

JESSICA Holding Fund for Lithuania – Delivering energy efficiency improvements in the housing sector by Valius Serbenta, Director of Housing and Urban Development Agency – HUDA, Lithuania pdf

Workshop 4: JEREMIE implementation – The route to SMEs

Supporting SMEs through JEREMIE - The case of Hungary by Laszlo Kallay, Head of Department for Enterprise Development, Ministry for National Development and Economy pdf

Introduction of a JEREMIE holding fund example: The case of Lithuania by Graham Cope, Head of Region, JEREMIE in Northern Europe, EIF pdf

EIF JEREMIE equity products – The process of implementation by a fund manager by D. Dreimanis, Partner, BaltCap Latvia pdf